Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Insane beauty products

Hello beauties!

Today the question is how far would you go to be beautiful? Because there are some pretty extreme things you can do to achieve that 'perfect' version of yourself. Interestingly enough, all of these products are free of plastic surgery, botox or anything you need to go to a doctor to do. In fact, all of these methods can be used in the comfort of your own home. Check this out.

 First of all, we have this beauty. The purpose of this... erm... lovely rubber mouth is to work out your facial muscles. Why? Well, so you don't have those pesky wrinkles, saggy cheeks or a double chin. (WHY DID THEY PHOTOSHOP THE INSIDE OF HER MOUTH AWAY? That looks absurd.)

This following mummy facial mask has the same purpose, except that it covers the whole face, where the mouth-thing only works on the bottom half of the face.

Now this thing here is one of the more extreme approaches I've seen to a problem a lot of women have. It's to remove a monolid.

For those of you who don't know, a monolid is when you don't have a crease on your eyelid. Many Asian women have monolids, while most Western women have double lids.

So you slap on these babies and they force a crease where you don't have one. I personally think this one is the second craziest object here today, because I think monolids are beautiful and this can't be good for your your eyes. I've seen some other ways to create a crease, some of them with just plain makeup, and others with tape, that seem more safe than this. But that's just my 5 cents.

Here's (in my opinion) the winner of the day's crazy award.

What you do with this thing, is you stick it into your nose and it will straighten it. There are some of these on the market that actually make your nose seem more pointed (again, one of those things people do to look more 'Western') and less, well... not.

What I'd like to know is if this contraption actually works? I can think of a lot of rugby players who've had broken noses before, who could actually buy and use this... :P

This strange thing isn't a strap to get your girlfriend to stop yapping. Nope, it's a mask to stretch out laugh-lines and make your skin seem flawless. It's like a facelift taken literally.

This next set of goggles does the same as the laugh-line mask, only it's for the eyes. An instant upward lift to reduce bags under the eyes and fine wrinkles.

Last, but not least, my favourite. These are weightloss slippers. Designed in a way to make your muscles work a little extra when you walk, they'll tone your legs and cause the weight to slip off.

That is, if you don't slip off. And break your nose. So you need the nose straightener thing. And maybe the goggles to reduce the puffiness under your eyes from the fall.

OK, I'll stop now. :)

So, now you get to answer the very first question in today's blog. How far would you go? Have you tried one of these? Would you? Have you tried some other wacky things I don't have on the blog today? Please, let me know, because I'm just dying to.

I hope you have a fabulous rest-of-the-day, and had a laugh if nothing else, at today's blog.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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