Monday, 12 August 2013

My weekend in pictures - Larissa's Wedding!

Hello beauties!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and that my fellow ladies in South Africa had a great woman's day on Friday. My weekend was absolutely hectic, and it started on Thursday evening already. With a lot of family around for the wedding, and everything that had to get done, it was pretty hectic.

We spent Thursday afternoon and evening with family, went shopping on Friday morning, had lunch with family, shopped some more and then I did the bride's nails, before we went off for dinner with family again. It was busy, I tell you!!

On Saturday morning, I got up and got ready, before going to the venue early to makeup the bridesmaids and bride. I don't have pictures of the makeup process, but will share if I get some. Then the wedding started. Some of the prep pics are from my cousin Anschke's camera, thank you cuz for sharing some of them with me!! So, without further ado, I'm going to share some of the pics with you and explain what's happening in them as I go along. :)

The bride at the salon

Another salon pic

The bride popping a bottle of champagne

The groom, Eugene, waiting patiently for his bride to arrive

A pic I took of Jan while we waited for the ceremony to begin. 
The following pics are of the bridesmaids; Anschke, Tanja and Leatitia, as they walked into the chapel.

Here comes the bride and her father, Francois. Her dress and hat were pretty vintage feeling, and looked beautiful on her!!

A special moment between the two lovebirds during the ceremony. 

The beautiful bridesmaids, posing for a picture
The newlywed couple, laughing and ducking, as they were leaving the chapel and were being battered with popcorn-confetti.

The flowers were real orchids, not fake. We couldn't stop staring at the incredible colours they had! WOW! Here are some shots of the groom's shoulder bouquet (this is a direct translation, I honestly have no idea what it's called. Please feel free to educate me here!! :P ) and the bride's bouquet.

The following are some random pics of the family. These were taken just after the ceremony, while the bridal couple were being photographed by Franco and Liani.

Uncle Jannie and cousin Nikke

My handsome brother, Jean

Cousin Evette
My aunt, Tessa

My grandmother, Flora
My uncle Arno, playing  photographer.

My aunt Flora and Uncle Jannie
A family pic. From left, my dad, Hannes, my mom, Elmarie, my aunt Flo and me.

Cousin Evette, my dad and my mom.

My brother striking a pose!

A beauty shot of the amazing flowers.

Cousin Anschke smiling happily at the reception.
Aunt Flo taking pictures

Jan and I at the reception
The following pictures are of the bridal couple, entering the reception and opening the dancefloor as part of their entrance. The song they chose to open with was by South African artist Riana Nel, and had the most amazing lyrics. It's called 'Dans', which means 'dance' in Afrikaans. It was pretty special.

The newlyweds at their table for the first time.  Sorry, these are a bit blurred, :D

The following pictures are of the cutting of the cake and the cake topper.

The following pics are all random ones taken during the reception. Some of these are heavily blurred, but I liked their effect, so I added them. :)

That's all I have of the wedding. I don't have all the family photos yet, so I'm pretty excited to see what they have on film (digital anyway) for us. And I did get to see a sneak peak of some of the pics LF Photography took of the day too. Wow, some of those are flipping amazing!!

Anyway, to end off my weekend, we went to see the Andrew Lloyd Webber production of Starlight Express on Sunday. I have to be honest when I say it wasn't my absolute favourite show, but we enjoyed the outing anyway. And the roller-skating was pretty cool too!

Stay tuned for some cool blogs this week!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. Between my computer, compressing the pics for upload and Blogger, something went wrong and now they look all weird. Sorry. 

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