Friday, 2 August 2013

Postmodern Jukebox

Hello beauties!

My friend Alissa posted a video on Facebook yesterday, which got me absolutely hooked. It was a remix of Justin Bieber's Beauty and a Beat, in a style you never imagined possible. Try 1940's. And it was absolutely brilliant, better than the original in my opinion. So I scavenged the channel where I heard this masterpiece, and came across even more incredibly adapted tunes, including Psy's Gentleman.

The brains behind this operation is called Scott Bradlee, a muso on YouTube with some pretty incredible stuff in his repertoire. You should seriously make a swing (see what I did there? :P) by his channel and subscribe for some awesome tunes!

OK, now on to the music!

That just made me smile. I hope you liked it too!!

Stay beautiful, have an amazing weekend, and be kind to animals,


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