Friday, 20 September 2013

Baby shower!

Hello beauties!

I've got some pics from my baby shower to share with you today, thanks to Liani. My cousin took some pictures too, but unfortunately my camera's settings were all wrong for it and none of them came out. :( Luckily Liani was there with her camera as well!!

Thank you again to everyone who made the day special for me! I'll comment on the pics as I go along.

First up, we have some of the decor and food. My mom made me a nappy cake, which I think was too bloomin' cute, and my mother in law wrote Kayla's name in chocolate on vermicelli. She knows how I love vermicelli. :)

The food was absolutely divine! There were all kinds of finger snacks, from traditional South African koeksisters to eclairs! Thank you to my mother in law for making most of the food and to my mom for the drinks and decor, which was beautiful. And thank you also to Elmarie for the cupcakes! They were lovely!

Some of the gifts are pictured here. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful things you bought for Kayla. I'll never have to buy her clothes again! At least until she's about two! The second picture shows a nappy baby that Aunt Dorothy and her daughter Este made for me. Thanks you two! The poor baby's head fell off a time or two, but still managed to scare some of the guests, wondering who left their baby face down and unattended. :P

These following pics were taken while my mom recited the poem she wrote for me and Kayla. She got all teared up! But it was beautiful, thank you mom. The last of the three is of the poem, which mom decorated nicely. I'll frame it and put it somewhere in the nursery.

These are pics of some of the guests. Aren't they a purdy bunch!!

Doesn't Liani look different with the long hair?! Beautiful!!

The last bunch of pics are of me opening gifts, with my cousin Larissa helping me. I got so many that I'll have to buy a storage system! Haha! We got some of the cutest clothes you can imagine. I'll be able to dress Kayla four to five times daily! :D

Once again thank you to everyone who was there and made my day special. Aunts Marie, Elize, Ilze and Dorothy, thank you for setting up and cleaning up afterwards. We really appreciate it. Moms Elmarie and Ria, thank you for all the effort that went into making this day special. Dad Jan and hubby, thank you for all your help with the food too! Liani, thank you for playing photographer on your day off!! And thank you to all of the guests, you were wonderful.

It was really a special day to me and I enjoyed it very much!

OK, now go enjoy your weekend!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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  1. Dis 'n groot plesier vriendin - It was lovely to be part of your day!! Can't wait to play dress up with the two girls :)