Monday, 30 September 2013

Crafts with old jars

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was fabulous. I got spoilt rotten this weekend, with a full body preggy mommy masage and pedicure courtesy of my aunt. It was really great and I love my new funky coloured toes! One thing about pregnancy is your pedicure goes to pieces, because you can't reach your toesies. So getting some love for the feet was great.

On Sunday my mother in law had her birthday, so we spent the day with family.

I have an announcement to make before I get on with today's blog. Most of you know by now that I'm pregnant and I'm expecting for mid November. Well, the doctor reckons Kayla may come sooner, as early as end October! It seems I'm further along than we initially thought. I've been considering taking a break from the blog for a while now, and I guess I should fill you in. The thing is, when Kayla is here, I want to spend some time just going gaga over my new baby.

Which means I won't be blogging from November this year until January next year. And if my little girl comes earlier, I'll stop blogging as soon as she's born.

Then, when I resume blogging next year, I'll only be uploading new blogs 3 times per week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have no idea how I'm going to be feeling or what my schedule is going to look like, so for safety, I'll be managing the blog this way. There may be bonus posts during my mini holiday aka maternity leave. :) When I get the urge to blog, I will. I'll also share pics of Kayla as soon as she's here, so you'll get to see her.

I just don't want to commit to blogging every day during the first months of her life, because I want to spend them with her.

OK. Now that I've said that, on to today's post. I've got an inspiration roundup for you, featuring crafts, storage and gift ideas with any old jars you may have. I know I have a lot of them!!

Let me know what you do with your random bottles!

Enjoy your week! I hope it's a blessed one.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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