Monday, 23 September 2013

Easy DIY Wall Art

Hello beauties!

I can't believe yet another Monday is here. It's scary how the time flies!! I really hope you had a good weekend. Thank you to all the people who made mine special! From spending time with my cousins and Liani, shopping for baby stuff and having meals with family, I had an all round good one.

I also had a wonderful review on Amazon UK for my novel, which made me grin from ear to ear and my eyes twinkle. Here's what it says :

5.0 out of 5 stars  Top notch read! 5 Sep 2013
By A. Ell
Amazon Verified Purchase
This novel has been compared to books like 'Twilight' but I have to disagree that this book is anything like those books. Twilight and anything similar has become boring and 'old hat', whereas this novel (part one of a trilogy) is new and fresh. The story is about an Exiled Queen called Eva, who is faced with many difficult challenges during her exile. She is followed by a band of warriors called 'The White Hand' who aids her in her journey.

The storytelling in this novel is excellent and has a very easy flow. Y Horak has truly used narratives in the most effective way to tell the story. There are quite a few flash backs into various characters previous escapades, which aids in telling the story and to allow the reader to understand the emotions and feelings each character has in the moment.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading The Rise of the Exile Queen, and personally cannot wait for the next installment. This book is worth buying one hundred times over, simply because the story starts slowly and then rapidly starts to suck you in. I've been unable to put it down on numerous occassions!

I can't applaud the writer any more, but by saying that it is a fantastic story with many twists and turns. Truly worth the read!

These kinds of things just make my day! If you're in the UK, please check out my novel here, and you can have a look here in the USA. If you're in another region, please have a look at your local Amazon store, because it's available worldwide! And if you liked it, please write me a review!! I love reading them.

On to today's post. I've got a roundup of some easy DIY ideas for wall art for you today. I found most of these on Google, and I bet you can find even more if you have a look too. Most of these are simple enough to recreate and need the minimum materials to make them.

With a canvas and some paint you can do almost anything, and if you have some craft stuff laying around the house you can easily add the x-factor to it! Check this out.

See, easy and striking. Now get crafting! The best is, when you do many of these, you're recycling as well. Green crafts are the best.

No post tomorrow on the Couch, because it's a public holiday in South Africa. So I'll see you again on Wednesday!!

I hope you have a blessed week!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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