Friday, 13 September 2013

Part Fifteen

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Just a quick update. We saw the doctor yesterday and he's happy with Kayla's growth. She's gained some weight, while I've lost some, but he's prescribed me some new meds for the nausea and vomiting. She's almost 1.6 kilo's now, which is good, and she's doing all round great. Thank you for all of your prayers and caring. I really appreciate it. Just nine more weeks and my baby is here!!

As promised, Roxanne's story continues now!!

Part Fifteen

There was a momentary silence as Samir locked the door and looked at each of his guests. He averted his eyes and sadly shook his head. "They have refused, just as I suspected they would."

Oliver was the first to speak. "But if Roxanne needs it to save us all, they must surely understand that it's important!"

Samir shrugged. "They wouldn't relent. I gave them many explanations why they should comply, but they wouldn't see reason. The crystals are just too valuable and you don't have enough between all of you to pay for one. Even if you did, I doubt they would give one to an outsider."

"What do we do now?" Cookie asked, his tone stressed.

"I'll have to get my hands on one in some other way." Dusk said, already moving towards the door.

"Wait!" Samir cried, stopping the rogue woman in her tracks.

"Well?" she asked, arching a brow.

Samit swallowed deeply and pulled a small bundle from his robe. It was wrapped in simple brown cloth, and even before he gently unwrapped it, Roxanne knew what was inside.

"My life is forfeit." Samir said as he revealed an Amberiolus crystal to them. He handed it over to Roxanne in a solemn manner, and she gently folded the cloth over it again, before putting it into the small bag she carried with her book. "I have stolen this from the Chiefs. Once they find out, I'll be sentenced to death." Samir continued.

Madra looked stricken. "No, my son! You must return it before they realise it has been taken!"

She moved toward him swiftly and tried to take the crystal from him, but Samir gently warded her off. "What's done is done, mother, and now we must live with it."

The old woman turned to face Roxanne. "I hope you're happy now! You've cost my son his life!" she spat, before stomping off. Before she left the room, she turned and whispered dangerously over her shoulder, "Before the hour has run out, I want all of you out of my house."

Samir's face fell and his shoulders slumped. It was obvious that even his mother had forsaken him because of his deed. He too had been cast out and it was written plainly on his face how much it tore at his spirit.

The companions shared a quick look, each of them nodding silently at the others, reaching a decision without having to speak any words.

"You're welcome to come with us, Samir." Oliver said, extending a hand to their host. Samir looked at the other man, jaw dropping in disbelief, before a smile spread over his features once again. He clasped Oliver's hand firmly in one of his own, and spoke his thanks.

"Thank you, my friend." Roxanne put in quietly. "I can see this has cost you more than you were willing to give. You have been loyal and true, even though you had no reason to be."

"If I can serve the Storyteller in any way, however small it may be, I'll do it time and time again." he said. "We had better gather our things together and leave before my mother alerts the Chiefs. Once they discover what I've done, all of our lives will be in danger."

With that, they scrambled to get their belongings together and they left Samir's house in the allotted time. They moved swiftly and silently through the passages and caverns, their guide taking them on a route they hadn't travelled before. Their only source of light was some of the strange glowing crystals the cave-dwellers used, but their eyes were so used to the dim light by this time that it made no difference to them.

It felt to Roxanne that they'd been travelling underground for days, before they finally exited a cave into the desert. It was cool, night air gently caressing their faces and a million stars shining down on them. Even in the dark, the view was incredible.

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I hope you have a fabulous weekend. My mom and mom in law are hosting a baby shower for me and Kayla tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some pics to share with you on Monday. I'm super excited!! :) Can't wait to see all my friends and family!!

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