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Random review - Essence gift bags

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The other day I was going through my local Dischem looking for cosmetics, when I came across their branded gift bags. They sell two of these, an Essence one and a Catrice one, both animal cruelty free brands I love, and I had a look. The Catrice one is slightly more expensive at R200.00, and it includes a foundation, which is the reason I didn't take one - they didn't have my shade.

The Essence ones go for R150.00, and I think both of these are incredible value for your buck. The Essence ones are pretty varied in what you get. I chose a pack with 7 pigments (5 full size, 2 samples), an eyeliner, a nail polish, a polish base, a lip base and a peel off mask. When last I checked, their pigments were sold at around R30.00, so the pigments alone make up the price of the whole pack.

Here's what I thought about the goodies.

The pigments quite frankly blew me away. I didn't at all expect the colour to be so vibrant or the staying power to be quite as long as it was. From the top they are :

*16 Blueberry muffin
*18 Little mermaid
* 06 WOW it's orange!
*19 Kiss the frog
* 12 Miss piggy's lollipop

The green is lighter than the rest, but it looks absolutely amazing on the skin. The orange is incredible and is loose hands my favourite. It changes colour as it catches the light, because of the gold flecks in it.

All of these are pretty sparkly. The pink one has some iridescent purple and blue flakes in it, which gives it a fairy-like feel. The purple and blue are pretty incredible too, with their silvery glitter flakes, while the green one has some gold in it. It would look amazing on most eye colours.

I dipped my finger in each pigment once to get the result in the picture. That makes it even more impressive in my opinion, because I didn't have to apply a hundred times to get it to show up.

As far as staying power goes, I was stunned. I thought it would wash off with water, but it didn't. I had to use makeup remover to get it off, and even then, the orange and blue left my skin slightly stained. I couldn't believe it. These inexpensive pigments really compare to some of the pro brand pigments I've worked with.

These colours alone make the gift bag worth while!!

I wasn't as impressed with the sample ones. From the left :

* 05 (silvery one)
* 04 (glitter)

The silver one was applied many times to get it to show on the picture. I bet it would be a nice one to use when you have the base makeup applied to the eye and you need a touch of sparkle on the inner corners or a highlight here and there. It's a pretty silver, but it doesn't have the pigmentation the others have.

In the glitter pigment's defence, when used on a primer or some kind of base, it does show up a lot better. It didn't have anything to stick to on my arm, which is why it didn't show up so well. It's a mixture of silver, red, blue and dark green flakes, which could look pretty cool as a nail polish.

Which brings me to the bases. The lip and nail base that I got in the bag are to be used with the pigments to create custom shades. I haven't tried these yet, but I bet I'll have a lot of fun when I start to experiment with them.

The mask was nice too. I don't have pictures of me wearing it, but you all know how a mask looks on a face!! It has a white, pasty consistency, takes about 15 min to dry, depending on how thick you apply it, and it smells clean. As far as the peeling part goes, (I love peeling masks!! It's my favourite part!!) it peels really easily, without leaving too much of it behind on your face. And it washes off well with warm water. My face did feel softer after I had it on, and the blackheads were definitely diminished. :) Yay!!

I got this bright yellow colour as a varnish. It's 95 wanna be your sunshine, and it really looks like sunshine!! This is a perfect spring / summer colour!! I applied two coats to get the opacity I wanted and from previous experience, this can last up to four days on my nails.

This one has a slight golden sparkle to it as well, which is always nice to have.

I buy a lot of Essence polishes, because they're inexpensive and they last pretty long, compared to more expensive brands. It's pretty good value for your money.

Lastly, the kajal pencil I got. It's 11 cool breeze, and is a very nice teal colour. I love my Essence eyeliners. In fact, I love them so much that I actually have one of each colour in my kit, and I use these on clients. It's inexpensive, long lasting and very pigmented.

I have to be honest here and say I prefer the turnout pencils over the kajal ones. because they last just a little longer. But this exact colour isn't available in the turnout, so I'm happy to have it. :)

It lasted on my had for the rest of the day, after hand washing and going about my daily to do's. I was impressed, because it stuck really well.

The pencil isn't that glide-all-over-your-eyelid-soft as some other kajal liners are (here I prefer Catrice's kajal liners.), but after one or two uses and a sharpening or two it does get a lot better. And for the colour it's worth it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the goodie bag. It's great value for money and the products really impressed me. You think the inexpensive brands aren't as good as the pro ones, but sometimes, they just manage to surprise you!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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