Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Water portraits by Linnea Strid

Hello beauties!

I bet you've seen some of this amazing artist's work on the interwebs before, but I thought I'd share some more of it on the blog today. Photorealism has never looked this incredible before! Linnea Strid specialises in photo realistic portraits of people and water. She does some other stuff too, and works in a variety of mediums, but her water portraits are usually oil on board.

If you're into art, or have studied it, you'll know that water is one of the most difficult things to draw / paint realistically. I know it's one of my personal achilles heels, which is probably why I'm so impressed with Linnea's work. Check this out.

I've got absolutely nothing else to say about this. The art speaks for itself, I think. It's pretty incredible.

Anyway, please remember to read and vote if you haven't yet. I'm planning on bringing this series to an end soon, so use your last chances to alter the course of the story!! Haha!

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Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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