Monday, 28 October 2013

Baby Room

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was amazing. We were lucky enough to spend our Saturday with friends and family, as it was Liani's baby shower. She got the coolest stuff for her baby! Sunday was a laid back day for us, which was well needed, because mommy needs a lot of rest before baby comes along...

Keeping on the baby topic, a lot of you have been asking me about my own nursery and today I'm going to share our progress with you. I wanted to use bright colours, because I've never been one for pastels in my life. I like vivid things, which is why I chose purples, oranges and pinks for the baby room, along with butterflies and flowers as a theme.

Everything was renovated ourselves, which was fun and interesting, and sometimes challenging. I did most of the crafts myself or with the help of my mom, my mother in law made most of the linen and she re-upholstered everything, and Jan and my father in law did basically everything else.

It was awesome to see how the room slowly changed from bland to grand, and I have to say, I'm really happy with the way it's turned out. We still have some minor things to do in there, but it's mostly done now and I thought I'd share it with you before I stop blogging for a while on Thursday. I'll comment on the pics as I go along.

First, the befores:

We finished the drywall, which was never completed up to this point, which is why there's white stripes on the brown wall, and why is isn't painted. You can see how many holes in the wall were filled up!! We also put in cornishes and skirtings, which were absent up to this point.

Note the two beige ottomans in front of the closet on this one, they won't look that way for long. The closet doors were HORRIBLE. As you can see, they didn't line up and were in an all round bad shape. The room's door wasn't a standard size (it was way smaller than a normal door) and it housed a really ugly plastic folding door, which we'd taken out at this point.

This was the carpet. It was the industrial stick-me-down kind that you find in office blocks all around the world. Really charming for a nursery... Not.

Here's the closet after. Jan and my father in law made and hung these doors, as well as replacing all of the shelves on the inside and making them all round better.

Remember the ottomans? My mother in law made new covers for them, as well as re-upholstering the chair I'm going to use as a nursing chair, in the same purple sueded fabric.

She's a fabric ninja, I tell you.

She's also going to be helping me make new blinds for the window soon, which will help round off the room.
Here's a pic of the widening of the door. Yes, that's my hubby's hand sticking out. It's all that I could snap of him when he jumped out of the photo. He hated being photographed. :)

Luckily, because of the drywall, they could easily cut the hole for the door bigger and they didn't have to break out bricks to do this. It would have left a MUCH BIGGER MESS otherwise.

I also hung some purple curtains to replace the yucky beige ones we'd had in the room before.

At this point, the walls and ceilings had been painted in white and vanilla respectively. You can see the results in the following pictures. It's amazing what a coat of fresh paint will do to make a room look better!!

We got this crib as a gift from Liani and Franco and it was sanded and revarnished. We also replaced the mattress and closing mechanism. The corner in which it's places in this picture is the very corner where the drywall and the brick walls meet. Can you believe the paint making such a difference? You can see the one skirting still needs to be painted in this pic. :)

The following pics are of some of the crafts I did for the nursery. I bought a pack of 10 butterflies from China Mall for R70, which is an absolute bargain, and I just repainted and blinged them somewhat.  I also bought the butterfly coat hangers from there, paying R10 each, and just painting them into my colours too.

Jan sawed Kayla's name for me on the jigsaw and I painted that too, to add to my butterfly wall. I still wasn't done with the wall, but it was getting there.

We arranged the furniture in a way I liked while we waited for the floor to be done.

Then it was finally time for the floors. We ripped out the industrial carpets and we got some laminated wood flooring to replace it with. I was really impressed with the speed at which Jan and my father in law put in the new floors! They're like floor masters!

The end result is beautiful and I'm really excited about it! I can't believe it's the same room... And my little Cupcake posed so nicely for the pics too!

Here's how the room looks at the moment :

Look at my nursing chair! It looks so cool! It used to be really multi-coloured. Sadly, I don't have a before of this one, but you'll have to take my word for it that it looks a heap better. And it's super comfy.

The net still needs to be hung from the ceiling, we just temporarily put it there, against the wall, because we don't have anywhere else to store it. :) My mother in law helped make it smaller, because it was way too big for the room when we got it. She also made the linen in the crib.

We're going to put up a plain, white pelmet to hide the curtain rail, and as I said, the blinds still need to come in. Don't you think Kayla's chair is too cute?

I bought some metallic foam wall stickers from Mr. Price Home and added them to the butterfly wall. It looks a lot cooler now and the metallic finish adds some nice bling to the room. :)

This is my bathing / poop station. :P It's shiny because I put a layer of plastic over the fabric, so I can just wipe off any spillage from Kayla. The fabric I covered the table with is an old comforter of mine, so the whole table is soft for baby. All of my baby creams, wipes  and powders are stored in the drawers to the side and the wings and tutu are from China Mall too. :)

In the bottom pic, baby's clothes are in the white drawer cabinet. I added the flowers to the string lights myself.

This is just another shot of my awesome new closet. The weird-looking black shape in the bottom is Cupcake's tail. I'm adding some detail shots of some of the decor in the following pictures.

Made the tiebacks myself too! My mom helped with the glue gun, because I have a holy fear of them. Got burnt once too many times it seems!! :P

 I'm still looking for cool stuff to hang from my coat hangers. So this will change. But for the time being, it looks OK.

And that's all I have to share with you! Lemme know what you think! I'm really happy with the way it looks so far and I think it's going to be just right for me and Kayla when the time comes. There's a little something here and there I still have planned, but I'll upload that when I'm completely done.

That's all I have for today! Hope the week treats you really well.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. The room came out so beautifully my friend! Love the colours and love the floor, it really all comes together very nicely.

  2. Stunning :D als het mooi uit gekom :) If I was a baby that is where I would want to be!!!

    MIS jou tonne

  3. "wow sisie gee my skoon happy tears vir jou en jan, dit lyk baie nice...julle en veral jy verdien kayla...baie lief vi jou sis