Monday, 7 October 2013

Breast Cancer Month : How to do a self examination

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As you probably know, it's breast cancer awareness month, so I want to spread some awareness. Today's topic is self examination for lumps in the breasts.

So if you're a sensitive, male, or you don't want to see or read this, please stop now. But I believe it's important for all women to know the facts and how to do the examination at home. And men too!! Don't think that because you're a guy you're free of breast cancer...

Before we get to the examination, some facts about breast cancer, courtesy of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

* Breast cancer is a disease that forms in breast tissue, which can be treated very successfully with early detection.
* One in eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime.
* It's the cancer most diagnosed in women.
* It's the second leading cause of death amongst women.
* Breast cancer in men is possible, though very rare.
* Approximately 220,000 women in the USA will be diagnosed per year, of which 40,000 will die.
* In recent years, a decrease in breast cancer in women older than 50 has been seen, due to hormone replacement therapy after menopause.
* Not all lumps in the breasts are actually cancer.
* Mammograms can't spread breast cancer.

The irony is that this cancer is so treatable and with early detection, your chance of survival is MASSIVE. Women who are treated have a pretty normal life most of the time.

How to self examine :

Please do your check ups regularly. If you manage to find the lump early enough, you can get treated and survive. I know how scary cancer can be, because I've lost loved ones to it before. But I also know that lumps can be treated. My own mom went for a mammogram just last week! It's scary and it does hurt, but it's a way to save lives.

We need to help the women (and men) in our lives become more aware of breast cancer and its risks. If we stand together and support one another, this whole disease will become less scary. So help a sister out when you get the chance and donate!

You can donate to the cause at many worthy places. Donate here in the USA and here in South Africa.

Have a fabulous week! We've got some good posts lined up for the week. Tomorrow I'm sharing some crazy false lashes, Wednesday's got some cool geeky costumes for Halloween, Thursday's got my weekly favourites and Friday Roxanne's story continues. So be sure to tune in!

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