Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Weekend pics

Hello beauties!

As promised yesterday, I'm going to share some of our pics from the weekend with you today. There aren't that many and Jan didn't take pics of the people who went with us, but oh well. There's some pretty scenery and that's all that counts. I'll say something about each picture underneath.

These are two pictures of the house we stayed in, the first the front view and the second the back. It's built on the riverbank which means spectacular sunsets and views all year round. It's got a braai (bbq) area and deck, which is where the second pic was taken from, and where we usually make dinner and spend some time reading.

Jan saw this little fellow Saturday morning and couldn't resist taking a picture. He hopped away before we could get a great snap of him, but I thought his colouring was too good to leave out of the roundup I have for you here.

My hubby loves photographing flowers and these are just some of the beauty shots from the weekend. You can see spring is already going all out in South Africa and we have some lovely blooms and petals to show for it. It's also been scorching hot!! I love our weather!

We burned in the new pizza oven on Saturday as well, though we didn't actually eat pizza. This is going to be a great addition to our weekends at the Vaal once it's been burned in properly. Apparently it needs to burn in three times before the first use, so the next time we go, we're having us some pizza!!

And the final pictures are of the river view as photographed from the deck. These are some pretty cool shots and I hope they fill you with serenity on this second day of the week!!

 Tune in again tomorrow for some cool jewelry!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,