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2014 Hair Trends

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Today we're going right on with the predicted trends for the year, and we're focussing on hair. As with the makeup trends, you'll see a lot of returning styles. Lets get right into it!

Braids are back again this year. Messy and perfect, milkmaid, fishtail and dutch braids, and any other braid you can think of will be in this year. Combine the braids with textured or straight hair and play around with it to keep it fresh.

All manner of ponytails will be in too, but the more interesting they are, the better. Combine the ponytails with interesting knots and accessories, and you'll be right on trend.

Hair accessories will be big this year, as always. Golden clips and hair bands, flowers and bandanas featured in a big way at many fashion shows last year, which earned it a place in the predicted trends for 2014.

Blunt, choppy bangs / fringes is another prediction as far as trends go. Pair it with wispy, textured, face framing hair.

Very beachy, natural waves will be in this year. It should be soft and messy to be on trend.

As far as colours and dyes go, one of the biggest trends (as always) will be deep, dark chocolate browns. Rich in colour with golden, red or ashy undertones, this is a colour you can't go wrong with. Inspiration from Hollywood would be Nina Dobrev and Leah Michelle.
Some deep reds will be big too; wines, plums and burgundy shades. This is basically red with a bluish undertone. Celebs like Cheryl Cole and Demi Lovato have worn this colour.
Ashy blondes will be in as well. These more subdued shades suit almost any skin tone, so you can expect to see this trend on your mom, your neighbour, your grandma and her dog too. :) Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are good examples of celebs rocking this colour trend.

 Platinum or butter blonde is considered to be the 'it' colour of the season. Experts predict that this shade is going to be the biggest trend of the year. If you're fair, this will look great on you! People like Christina Aguilera and Taylor Momsen are known for wearing this colour.
 Coppery, more natural reds are going to be a big colour this year. Use strawberry blondes like Blake Lively and gleaming gingers like Karen Gillan and Amy Adams as inspiration for this colour trend.
Ombre will still be big in 2014, but it's becoming more toned down. The gradient should be more subtle and the focus of the lighter hair to frame the face.

Most people are torn about the massive 2013 trend to ombre hair with a colour gradient. Some experts believe that pastel or brightly coloured hair will be out this year, while others believe the trend will be even bigger.

I say decide for yourself!

As far as cut goes, long hair will always be in. But for the shorter styles, use this as inspiration.

 The long bob, aka lob, is predicted to be very big this year. Many celebrities wore this cut to the Golden Globes this year, and many stylists believe that this will be the cut of 2014. It can be worn sleek and straight, or textured and wavy.

It's also been predicted that all kinds of bob cuts will be a big trend, as long as they're funky and edgy.

Short pixie cuts were thought to be on the exit towards the middle of last year, but stars like the Jennifers, Hudson and Lawrence, are bringing sexy back with their short hair.

Longer in the front and shorter in the back like JLaw, or short and stylish like Jennifer Hudson's, short cuts are making a comeback! Just remember to take your stylist's advice seriously before chopping off all your hair. Read my post on haircuts to suit your face shape for more info.

We go on with the trends for the year on Friday, when we talk about nails, so be sure to drop by for that. :)

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