Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 Makeup Trends

Hello beauties!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! For a change, we had a quiet one. :) We just spent some time with family, but were mostly at home, doing nothing, which was great. Jan and I had some fun with photos of Kayla! I'll share them here some time.

On to today's post. It's a custom on the Couch to talk about the predicted makeup, hair and nail trends for the year at the beginning of every year. We'll focus on makeup today and talk about hair and nails Wednesday and Friday.

If you've been following the blog for a while, you'll notice that a lot of the trends are return offenders! Most of the big ones this year, were big last year and the year before too. Which is great, because you probably have the right colours and tools in your makeup kit already. These looks were seen by various designers on various runways. Lets have a look. :)

Our first predicted trend is berry toned lips. Those who know about these things say that this will be a big one! Light and soft pinks and mauves, or full on dark plums and burgundy shades, it doesn't matter.

Pair the coloured lips with lighter, nude made up eyes and you're good to go.

Notice how little makeup she has on the rest of her face? The fresh faced, no-makeup makeup look is back too! But we'll talk about that little further on in the post.
This look is back from last year; soft pastel eyes. You can go with almost any colour and softly smoke it out. Soft lilacs and greys will look good on most eye colours, but this pink is the daring choice for you adventurous souls.

Remember that pink can make your eyes look bloodshot though!! :)

Welcome back to the 80's! Blue eyeshadow is back (actually it has been for a year or two now), and it's bolder than ever. Pair this look with a natural face and lips.

Did you pick up on the lack of blush in the last two looks? Keep a lookout for this trend in many of the other pictures featured today. Apparently going blush free will be in this year.
This one is another returning trend and will never go out of fashion in my opinion. The cat eye is a classic, classy look, and probably always will be.

You can pair it with nude lips and a pop of colour on the lid, or go for the classic pin-up look with light eyeshadow and red lips.

As always, the classic red lip will be big in 2014. You can never go wrong with a perfectly red pout! Check out which shade will go best with your skintone here.

 Metallic eyeshadow is back as well. Shades of molten metal, smoked out or combined with glitter, and paired with a nude face will be a big trend once again.

This is one of those looks the Hollywood starlets love (because it's such a fabulous look for going out!!), so be sure to keep a lookout for this one on the red carpets.
Another predicted trend comes in the form of bold, black eyeliner.

You can rim the eyes completely, like in the picture, and leave it messy and grungy, or you can opt for more subtly and perfectly lined eyes, as long as you use black.

(Just keep in mind that rimming your eyes completely with black will make them seem smaller!!)

Once again a trend that will probably feature in the fashion world forever!! I know I can't do anything without my black liner...

Geometric designs on the eyes will be big. You can use your liner to get this look, or simply opt for temporary eyeliner tattoos.

Go for bolder designs on the top or bottom lid, but keep the rest of the face toned down if you follow this trend. You don't want to look too overdone!!
 Another trend to return this year is the no-makeup-makeup look.

Keep your face au naturale, with only hints of makeup to follow this trend. The focus should be on flawless, glowing skin.

Orange lips will be seen everywhere. Whether you apply a bright, in-your-face shade, or a toned down reddish orange, you'll be on trend this year.

Again, keep the rest of the face nude, especially if you're going for the super bright orange lipstick.

Which trend will you be rocking this year? Let me know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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