Monday, 27 January 2014

Disney Perfume

Hello beauties!

Welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and you're ready for the week ahead. :P Before we get to the post today, I'd like to wish my dad a massive happy birthday! Hope you have a good one daddy. Love you loads!!

OK, on to the post today. A Japanese artist, Ruby Sparks (for whom I can't find any kind of website or profile), created some sketches for a line of Disney villain perfume bottles.

She put them on Pixiv, like the Japanese equivalent of DeviantArt, and after that, they took the world by storm. I think these are absolutely brilliant! The different villains are captured beautifully, bringing out elements of their diverse personalities.  Have a look (and keep in mind these are all drawings!!!)

I think Disney should get their hands on this artist and offer her immediate employment. It would be pretty awesome to buy some villain perfume!! :)

Come back on Wednesday for some amazing art and Friday for my monthly favourites.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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