Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

Hello beauties!

We're having a look at all of my favourites for Feb today, from movies to skincare to music; everything is covered. So let's get right into it! As always, you can find all of the images on my Pinterest boards, and none of the images belong to me, except if stated otherwise.

First up, the song of the month. I figure if I put this up first, you have something to listen to while you check out the rest of the post. :) It's another older song, but it's such a cool tune and absolutely I love the artist!! Yup, it's ginger-man himself, Ed Sheeran, with I see fire (from The Hobbit). And no, I still haven't seen the movie, I just love the song. :P

My makeup looks of the month are these two. I love the colours in the first one, it's absolutely mind blowing. I really want to try a look like this sometime!! The second image (the purple haired one) is a look I did somewhere during the month on my cousin, Anschke. We took some pictures for the cover of my Roxanne novel (watch this space). I'll upload some photos of the shoot next week.

My person of the month is Sherly Temple, who sadly passed away this month. But her talent remains forever on film!!

I love this newborn photo! The last time (well, four months to be exact ;P) I've been very interested in baby photography and I enjoy taking pictures a whole lot. Which is why I've been taking a whole lot of photos. Haha. Anyway, Pinterest is a whirlpool of photography ideas, and this is one of the best ones I've seen.

Speaking of my photo-taking skills, this is my favourite photo of the month. I took this one of Kayla one day while I was playing around. I just love her almost shy expression!!

I have two favourite movies this month. I couldn't pick between the two, because they were both plenty awesome. The first one is the new Disney, Frozen. And then I finally saw Epic, which the name describes pretty well. :)

I finally got to see season three of Sherlock, which is my favourite series for Feb. And it makes me want to hang Steven Moffat by his friggen toenails. And dunk him in water. Or something. My reaction was like 'aint nobody got time for dat' when I heard he wants to leave season four until 2016! It's slow torture, is what it is. Slow. Torture.

My art picks for the month. This first one is called 'Two sides of a battle' by LucasParolin. I think the perspective is brilliant and it reminds us that for basically every victory in life, someone else had to lose. It's a pretty grabbing piece.

I have no idea who painted this one, or what the title is, but it's pretty darn cool. I wonder where she's off to. And if she's wondering where her mummy is. (Oh fandom, how you have corrupted me...)

This is called 'Damsels' by Ryuloulou. I mean, who couldn't love this? It's a mermaid in the moonlight for crying out loud! It's beautiful!! And that fin in the water is brilliant.

Places I'd love to go now include these two. The first is Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma, Hohenwerfen castle in Austria.

This is my product of the month, Annique's resque creme. You can put this baby on anything. ANYTHING, I tell ya. From sunburn to insect bites, to baby bum rash to cuts and bruises. Anything.

Animal cruelty free, reasonably priced and locally proudly South African. It's a product worth trying.

If you're in the Westrand, you can buy one of these from my aunt at Roibossieka!

(BTW, this is my hand in the picture, wearing Disorder by LA Girl. Read the review here.)

I'm just slightly obsessed with tutu's at the moment. (OK, maybe not so slightly) I want to get my hands on tutu's for Kayla in every shade under the sun. Because every little girl needs a tutu. Ot ten. Oh, the tea parties we'll have!! These are two of my favourites.

My purchase of the month (via my wonderful hubby) was the pre-order of The Sims 4. Ooh, I can't wait. I think the only game I'm more excited for than this one is Dragon Age 3. My geekiness apparently has no end. :D

And that's a wrap on my favourites for February!

Have a fabulous weekend, folks! See you back here on Monday. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Product Smackdown : Twelve days, three greys

Hello beauties!

I recently bought three nail polishes and I decided to try them out and do a comparison on the blog. All three are in the grey family, which I thought would be a good colour to wear for the impending Autumn here in the southern hemisphere. It also happens to be one of my favourite colours.

I applied all of these polishes without a base or top coat, to see how long they could last on their own. I also put them through everything people usually subject their nails to; washing dishes, cleaning the house, working with chemicals and scrubbing my hair. So you can rest assured that I tried them out thoroughly!!

Let's get right into it.

Brand : Catrice
Colour : 280 London's Weather Forecast.
Price : R24.95 (Which was a sale price. Normally they go for R34.95)
Purchased at : Dischem
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 2
Days Lasted : 5
Drying time : Fair

I was pretty impressed with this one. The dove grey colour is great to wear to almost anywhere and the very subtle silvery sheen rounds it off nicely. The drying time wasn't as fast as some other products I've used, or the other two reviewed here today, but it didn't chip off or move until the fourth day, which is pretty amazing considering what I put my hands through.

When I removed the polish on the fifth day, the edges of the nails had been worn away and there were some minor chips too. This would have been easy to patch up and wear for another day or two, but for the sake of the blog, I got to testing the second colour.

I got this one on sale, but even if I paid the full price, this is still great value for money.

Brand : Essence
Colour : 165 Here's my Number
Price : R18.95
Purchased at : Dischem, available at Clicks as well.
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 2
Days Lasted : 4
Drying time : Very Fast

This one is a charcoal grey with a multi-hued glitter in it. I loved the colour and it looked great, but the sand texture put me off. I honestly didn't like it on my fingernails, but the texture strangely doesn't bother me on my toenails, where I have this one painted at the moment (and it's been going strong for over two weeks now, without any chipping). One of the pro's of the texture is that you can hide smudges very easily. :)

The drying time was exceptionally quick, which is great for when you're in a hurry. Even the second coat dries quickly, which I have found can be a problem with some polishes. I thought the sand texture would create massive chips in the colour, but it didn't. In fact, this polish only wore off around the very edges of the nails and had almost no chipping on day four when I removed it. I could have worn it for another day, but the sand annoyed me, so I took it off. So sue me. :P

What I love about Essence polishes is the fact that their paintbrushes are thicker than the norm. That's a plus for this product in my book.

This is the best value for your buck in my opinion. You can almost buy two of these for the price of one of the others!!

Brand : LA Girl
Colour : GNL 116 Disorder (From the Color Addict range)
Price : R32.95
Purchased at : Dischem
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 1
Days Lasted : 3
Drying time : Fast

So this one lasted the shortest of the three, but I only gave one coat. I'm pretty sure that if I'd painted a second coat, it would have lasted much longer. This is a gunmetal grey with very fine golden glitter, which catches the sun beautifully. It's an awesome colour!!

Of the three formulations, this one is the thickest and applies the smoothest. It doesn't streak, which is great. Because of the thicker formula, you really don't need more than one coat to get a true, fully covered colour on your nails, which is great for when you don't have time to wait all day for your mani to set. What did bother me about this one is that it randomly chipped in the middle of my nails, where the other two just wore away around the edges. But again, that could be because I didn't apply two coats.

All three of these are great products, which give you pretty awesome value for money and it's a massive bonus that none of them are animal tested. We have so few cruelty free brands available to us in South Africa that I get very excited when I find quality products that are friendly to animals. And because there is a Dischem in every corner of the country, you can probably lay your hands on one of these brands easily enough. :)

That's my review done and dusted. If you have requests for reviews, let me know and I'll try out some more products!! I am planning to do a review on some baby products soon, so watch this space for that.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Monday, 24 February 2014

Then and Now

Hello beauties!

Welcome back! I had a pretty busy weekend, as we got to spend some time with friends and loads of family. We're blessed to have so many caring people in our lives! I hope you had a good one too.

This post is a little walk down memory lane, because Kayla is 16 weeks this week. I absolutely can't get over the fact that it feels like yesterday I held her for the first time, and now she's starting to sit up on her own. It's scary how quickly she's growing and starting to do thing on her own. It reminds me on a daily basis how precious time truly is, and that every moment is worth much more than we realise.

So this is a comparison post, where I'll share some of her 'firsts' pictures with her current ones.

Then : These are two of the first pictures ever taken of Kayla. She was still covered in all kinds of things from the womb, and was still in the incubator. She was a wide-eyed, curious little newborn, checking out her new (light) surroundings from the first moment. Kayla moved so much from her first moment, that the nurses had to move her back to the top of the incubator a couple of times, as she wormed her way to the bottom with all her kicking.

Now : Little smiley! She's a pretty friendly little critter. She loves to coo and smile, especially when we do animal sounds for her benefit (she adores the cat, lion and bee at the moment, with the owl sound not too far behind on her favourites list). I live for her little smiles too!! She's still just as busy as she was in the very beginning, always kicking and flailing with her hands.

Then : This was taken in the hospital, and is one of the first moments between mom and daughter. Because of my c-section, I couldn't immediately hold her after birth, and I was very scared that I wouldn't bond with her because of it. But in this moment, lightning struck me, and I instantly loved this little girl to pieces. In this moment, my life changed forever. There are no words powerful enough to describe what I felt, and still feel, when I look at her.

Now : This was yesterday after church and before the family arrived. Kayla smiled at her daddy's antics and I was thrilled to get a picture of the two of us where we're both smiling. It's the first of its kind, which makes it super special.

Then : The first picture of Kayla and her daddy. He was incredible with her from the very first moment. He'd never held a baby before Kayla, but he just jumped in and helped with her from the start. He changed diapers before I could (because of the cesarean) and he helped to change her after baths while I was still confined to bed. He's a very hands-on daddy!!

Now : Kayla adores Jan. when he comes home from work in the afternoon, her face lights up and she loves being near him. Sometimes when she's feeling bad, he has the touch to calm her, even when I fail. He's so good with her and helps whenever he can. I'm blessed beyond my wildest imaginings. I love you, Jan!!!

Then : This was the very first foot photo we took. Kayla was about a week old here. I wanted to add hand photos too, but while we have one of her little hands in the very beginning, we CANNOT get her still enough to take one now. :)

Now : This was Saturday morning, when Kayla sat up straight against the couch. Not on her own yet, but she's getting there. She curls in her toes this way when she's laughing, which is the cutest thing ever.

Then : This isn't the very first sleeping picture of Kayla, but it's one of my favourite ones. She was three days old here, and we'd just arrived home for the first time.

Now : This was last week sometime, after she had a particularly terrible teething-crying session. Her top two center teeth are bugging her massively at the moment and it causes her more pain than she can handle. It breaks my heart. But she looked so peaceful when she finally managed to fall asleep, that I couldn't resist taking a picture. (This was taken with my cell, so the quality isn't so great.  )

Then : These are the first pictures of Liamé and Kayla together, just after Liani and Liamé had gotten back home from the hospital. Kayla was five weeks here, and Liamé about three days. Look at those tiny bodies!!

Now : On Saturday, Liani and Liamé swung by, and both pairs of besties could spend some time together. Kayla was fifteen weeks and Liamé ten in these pics. Can you believe how they've grown? These two little girls are so loved and so very special. I know they'll grow up to be just as close as their mothers. (Love you big bestie and little bestie!!)

It's amazing to be this little girl's mother. Seeing her grow and discover things, recognise voices and faces (and cry to come back to mommy), is absolutely awesome. Motherhood is incredible, but only because of her.

Sure there are some things that bother me; my body has changed, I have stretch marks I didn't have before, my hair is thinning and I have a flabby stomach now. But Kayla makes it worth it. In fact, for her, I would have the whole nine month vomiting thing all over again. I would climb mountains and try to catch the sun if she asked it. And if she smiled at me before asking me, I would probably succeed too. :)

I hope you have a great week folks! Come back on Wednesday for a three way product review and my monthly everything-favourites on Friday.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday favourites!

Hello beauties,

Here's to the end of another week. As always on a Friday, my weekly favourites. And because it was so popular last month, next Friday will be my monthly favourites!! All of the images shown here today can be found on my Pinterest board, All Things Beauty.

And that's this week all wrapped up. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. See you back on Monday for another blog. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,