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How to conceal thinning hair

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I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that your week will be epic. Welcome in the month of love! We'll cover some Valentines related topics as we go along. :)

But today we're talking about hair thinning. This is a lovely little side effect I have from the pregnancy, and I thought I'd share some ways to cover it here today. Obviously there are ways to grow the hair back, and I've blogged about it before (here and here), but growing back hair takes time. Even if you go for hair implants or take medication for hair growth, you'll wait for months before the results pay off. In the meantime, you have to deal with limp and thinning hair.

Hair loss can be caused by genetics, hormones, bad nutrition, stress, pregnancy or breastfeeding, trauma and medications like anaesthetics. In my case it's postpartum hormones that's been causing the hair to fall out by the handful. I spoke to a hairdresser the other day, and she said that they find women who have had c-sections tend to lose more hair than women who had natural births as well. Because I'm breastfeeding, I'm afraid to use hair growth products containing hormones, because it can effect my milk and milk production. So I've been back on the castor oil treatment.

I've had to cut my hair to conceal the loss, which lead me to this post. There are many ways to cover the fact that your hair is thinning! Which is fabulous. So, without further ado, here they are.

First of all, you might want to get your hair cut. The longer it is, the more obvious it will be when it starts to thin drastically. Also, the hair weighs down and takes more brushing and combing, which causes more hair to fall out.

My hairdresser advised a more layered, shoulder length cut. The layers create movement, which help to conceal thinner hair, and it's still long enough to tie back, covering patches where the scalp can be seen.

A fringe or bangs can be the answer to hide the first place which obviously showcase thinner hair : the temples.

But she also told me not to go too short, as short hairstyles leave no options for covering scalp-showing spots!!

Go for texture. Any kind of waves or curls will make the hair seem much thicker.

Texture also goes hand in hand with the third tip, which is to avoid styling your hair with heat, as the heat can accelerate the hair loss.

Air dry your hair when possible, or use very low heat if you have no choice. There are many ways to achieve heatless curls and waves too, so you don't have to give up your favourite hairdo because your hair's thinning. You can always show off your hair's natural texture proudly, because it's beautiful! And messy waves are in anyhow.

How you part your hair can play a role in appearing thicker too.

Don't part your hair dead center or very deep either, as this will just emphasize the problem. Go for a semi off-center part, making sure you have hair covering your temples (if you don't have a fringe). Aim for someplace in the middle of the start of your eyebrow and your eyebrow's arch

Another cool tip is to zig-zag your part. It can be messy or perfect, whatever you like, but this will create the illusion of more hair. Especially if your part is widening. :)

Make sure your roots are coloured, especially if your natural colour is lighter than your dye. The lighter roots will make the hair near your part seem very thin and the part very wide.

The dye itself is a place where stylists disagree. Some say you should go lighter, as lighter hair will conceal hair loss. This makes sense in some ways, because the hair colour will be closer to the scalp's colour, hiding bald spots better. The problem with this reasoning is the fact that it involves bleach, a known hair loss accelerator and hair damager.

Others say you should go darker, as darkening dyes attach to the hair strands and make each strand thicker, which in turn makes the whole head seem more densely endowed. The problem here is that the heavy contrast between the hair and the scalp can make bald spots stand out.

You need to decide for yourself here. Personally, I'm staying close to the dark colour I have on my hair now (which is also close to my natural colour).

 An easy and painless way to make limp hair look thicker instantly is to get your hands on some clip-in extensions. These come in almost any colour imaginable and in different lengths and sizes, so you can fill in whole areas, or smaller parts that look like highlights.

The downside to this is that it takes time to clip these babies in every day, but on the upside, it's much less damaging to hair than weaves or other salon-installed extensions.

Look at the picture below to see how incredible the results of clip-in extensions can be.

 There are many different products on the market you can use.

The most obvious of these would be volumizing shampoos and conditioners, and lightweight styling products like mousse. There are powders and sprays that lift the roots too, which creates instant volume.

Otherwise, there are products that add small fibres to the head, which look like hair, and paired with this you can always buy scalp dyes. The picture on the left shows how effective scalp dyes can be in hiding baldness.

Things to avoid when your hair is thinning :

* Excessive brushing or combing. Use a wide tooth comb and don't brush or comb wet hair.
* Any hairstyles that are too tight and pull on the hair. Tight braids and sleek high ponytails are out. Go for softer, looser up styles and ponytails.
* Washing your hair too often. Try to give it a gap day!!
* Too much product. This goes for everyone, not just those suffering from hairloss!! :)
* Harsh chemicals.
* As I said before, styling with too much heat.

Make sure you get in enough water and follow a good diet, as nutrition can play a big role in hair growth. And if, like me, your hair is thinning because of pregnancy, keep heart. They say your hair will be back to normal, or at least re-growing in the balder spots, by the time your baby turns 1. That's something to look forward to!!

We're looking at interesting false lashes on Wednesday and my beauty favourites on Friday, so be sure to tune in for that. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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