Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Product Smackdown : Twelve days, three greys

Hello beauties!

I recently bought three nail polishes and I decided to try them out and do a comparison on the blog. All three are in the grey family, which I thought would be a good colour to wear for the impending Autumn here in the southern hemisphere. It also happens to be one of my favourite colours.

I applied all of these polishes without a base or top coat, to see how long they could last on their own. I also put them through everything people usually subject their nails to; washing dishes, cleaning the house, working with chemicals and scrubbing my hair. So you can rest assured that I tried them out thoroughly!!

Let's get right into it.

Brand : Catrice
Colour : 280 London's Weather Forecast.
Price : R24.95 (Which was a sale price. Normally they go for R34.95)
Purchased at : Dischem
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 2
Days Lasted : 5
Drying time : Fair

I was pretty impressed with this one. The dove grey colour is great to wear to almost anywhere and the very subtle silvery sheen rounds it off nicely. The drying time wasn't as fast as some other products I've used, or the other two reviewed here today, but it didn't chip off or move until the fourth day, which is pretty amazing considering what I put my hands through.

When I removed the polish on the fifth day, the edges of the nails had been worn away and there were some minor chips too. This would have been easy to patch up and wear for another day or two, but for the sake of the blog, I got to testing the second colour.

I got this one on sale, but even if I paid the full price, this is still great value for money.

Brand : Essence
Colour : 165 Here's my Number
Price : R18.95
Purchased at : Dischem, available at Clicks as well.
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 2
Days Lasted : 4
Drying time : Very Fast

This one is a charcoal grey with a multi-hued glitter in it. I loved the colour and it looked great, but the sand texture put me off. I honestly didn't like it on my fingernails, but the texture strangely doesn't bother me on my toenails, where I have this one painted at the moment (and it's been going strong for over two weeks now, without any chipping). One of the pro's of the texture is that you can hide smudges very easily. :)

The drying time was exceptionally quick, which is great for when you're in a hurry. Even the second coat dries quickly, which I have found can be a problem with some polishes. I thought the sand texture would create massive chips in the colour, but it didn't. In fact, this polish only wore off around the very edges of the nails and had almost no chipping on day four when I removed it. I could have worn it for another day, but the sand annoyed me, so I took it off. So sue me. :P

What I love about Essence polishes is the fact that their paintbrushes are thicker than the norm. That's a plus for this product in my book.

This is the best value for your buck in my opinion. You can almost buy two of these for the price of one of the others!!

Brand : LA Girl
Colour : GNL 116 Disorder (From the Color Addict range)
Price : R32.95
Purchased at : Dischem
Animal Tested : No
Coats Needed : 1
Days Lasted : 3
Drying time : Fast

So this one lasted the shortest of the three, but I only gave one coat. I'm pretty sure that if I'd painted a second coat, it would have lasted much longer. This is a gunmetal grey with very fine golden glitter, which catches the sun beautifully. It's an awesome colour!!

Of the three formulations, this one is the thickest and applies the smoothest. It doesn't streak, which is great. Because of the thicker formula, you really don't need more than one coat to get a true, fully covered colour on your nails, which is great for when you don't have time to wait all day for your mani to set. What did bother me about this one is that it randomly chipped in the middle of my nails, where the other two just wore away around the edges. But again, that could be because I didn't apply two coats.

All three of these are great products, which give you pretty awesome value for money and it's a massive bonus that none of them are animal tested. We have so few cruelty free brands available to us in South Africa that I get very excited when I find quality products that are friendly to animals. And because there is a Dischem in every corner of the country, you can probably lay your hands on one of these brands easily enough. :)

That's my review done and dusted. If you have requests for reviews, let me know and I'll try out some more products!! I am planning to do a review on some baby products soon, so watch this space for that.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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