Monday, 24 February 2014

Then and Now

Hello beauties!

Welcome back! I had a pretty busy weekend, as we got to spend some time with friends and loads of family. We're blessed to have so many caring people in our lives! I hope you had a good one too.

This post is a little walk down memory lane, because Kayla is 16 weeks this week. I absolutely can't get over the fact that it feels like yesterday I held her for the first time, and now she's starting to sit up on her own. It's scary how quickly she's growing and starting to do thing on her own. It reminds me on a daily basis how precious time truly is, and that every moment is worth much more than we realise.

So this is a comparison post, where I'll share some of her 'firsts' pictures with her current ones.

Then : These are two of the first pictures ever taken of Kayla. She was still covered in all kinds of things from the womb, and was still in the incubator. She was a wide-eyed, curious little newborn, checking out her new (light) surroundings from the first moment. Kayla moved so much from her first moment, that the nurses had to move her back to the top of the incubator a couple of times, as she wormed her way to the bottom with all her kicking.

Now : Little smiley! She's a pretty friendly little critter. She loves to coo and smile, especially when we do animal sounds for her benefit (she adores the cat, lion and bee at the moment, with the owl sound not too far behind on her favourites list). I live for her little smiles too!! She's still just as busy as she was in the very beginning, always kicking and flailing with her hands.

Then : This was taken in the hospital, and is one of the first moments between mom and daughter. Because of my c-section, I couldn't immediately hold her after birth, and I was very scared that I wouldn't bond with her because of it. But in this moment, lightning struck me, and I instantly loved this little girl to pieces. In this moment, my life changed forever. There are no words powerful enough to describe what I felt, and still feel, when I look at her.

Now : This was yesterday after church and before the family arrived. Kayla smiled at her daddy's antics and I was thrilled to get a picture of the two of us where we're both smiling. It's the first of its kind, which makes it super special.

Then : The first picture of Kayla and her daddy. He was incredible with her from the very first moment. He'd never held a baby before Kayla, but he just jumped in and helped with her from the start. He changed diapers before I could (because of the cesarean) and he helped to change her after baths while I was still confined to bed. He's a very hands-on daddy!!

Now : Kayla adores Jan. when he comes home from work in the afternoon, her face lights up and she loves being near him. Sometimes when she's feeling bad, he has the touch to calm her, even when I fail. He's so good with her and helps whenever he can. I'm blessed beyond my wildest imaginings. I love you, Jan!!!

Then : This was the very first foot photo we took. Kayla was about a week old here. I wanted to add hand photos too, but while we have one of her little hands in the very beginning, we CANNOT get her still enough to take one now. :)

Now : This was Saturday morning, when Kayla sat up straight against the couch. Not on her own yet, but she's getting there. She curls in her toes this way when she's laughing, which is the cutest thing ever.

Then : This isn't the very first sleeping picture of Kayla, but it's one of my favourite ones. She was three days old here, and we'd just arrived home for the first time.

Now : This was last week sometime, after she had a particularly terrible teething-crying session. Her top two center teeth are bugging her massively at the moment and it causes her more pain than she can handle. It breaks my heart. But she looked so peaceful when she finally managed to fall asleep, that I couldn't resist taking a picture. (This was taken with my cell, so the quality isn't so great.  )

Then : These are the first pictures of Liamé and Kayla together, just after Liani and Liamé had gotten back home from the hospital. Kayla was five weeks here, and Liamé about three days. Look at those tiny bodies!!

Now : On Saturday, Liani and Liamé swung by, and both pairs of besties could spend some time together. Kayla was fifteen weeks and Liamé ten in these pics. Can you believe how they've grown? These two little girls are so loved and so very special. I know they'll grow up to be just as close as their mothers. (Love you big bestie and little bestie!!)

It's amazing to be this little girl's mother. Seeing her grow and discover things, recognise voices and faces (and cry to come back to mommy), is absolutely awesome. Motherhood is incredible, but only because of her.

Sure there are some things that bother me; my body has changed, I have stretch marks I didn't have before, my hair is thinning and I have a flabby stomach now. But Kayla makes it worth it. In fact, for her, I would have the whole nine month vomiting thing all over again. I would climb mountains and try to catch the sun if she asked it. And if she smiled at me before asking me, I would probably succeed too. :)

I hope you have a great week folks! Come back on Wednesday for a three way product review and my monthly everything-favourites on Friday.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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