Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend in pictures : Family fun

Hello beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch!! I hope you had a lovely Valentines day and weekend. We spent our with family, as you'll see in the pictures below. It was quite a busy one! But we had a really good time. I'll say something about the pictures as I go along. :)

I don't have many pictures from Friday, but I did take some phodies of Kayla when she was being absolutely adorable. We had dinner with my parents for Valentines and actually managed to get to bed early-ish!! :)

It was my aunt Flora's birthday on Saturday, and all of the family went over for a braai (which is akin to a bbq for my international friends). This is me and Kayla in her 'party-outfit'.

All the following pics are of the family during the festivities.

Kayla absolutely loved my cousin, Neill. It was the first time she met him and his wife, Evette, and I have to say she loved them both!!

The top pic is of me and the birthday girl. Love you, auntie Flo! The following photo is of my dad entertaining Kayla. She had a blast being the center of attention.

On Sunday, Jan, Kayla and I went to the mall for some retail therapy and to have a mini anti-Valentines celebration. We didn't have time this year to go out for V-day, so we went to Mugg & Bean for some milkshakes. I had the choc - cherry, which was absolutely divine, while Jan just had old fashioned (and a little boring :P) strawberry.

After we got home, I took a couple of photos of Jan and Kayla, just for the heck of it. We had nachos for dinner and The Hunger Games : Catching Fire rounded off our day!!

I have to say, I enjoyed this movie a lot more than the first one. Probably purely because I haven't read the novel in a looong while and I can't remember in detail what happens in the book. I thought the actors were good (RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman), the effects were stunning and the action was enjoyable.

I'm actually looking forward to the last two movies!! Though I have to admit, I'm not sure how they plan on splitting part three up. Then again, if Twilight could do it... :P

And that was my weekend!

Have a fantastic week and see you back on the Couch on Wednesday, for some Disney Princess magic!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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