Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Anschke's Shoot

Hello beauties!

The other day, my cousins came over for a visit and we had some fun with photos. I wanted to take a picture for the cover of my online novel's cover (which, by the way, I'm thinking of naming Roxanne's Journey : an Araheim Adventure, because the voting was pretty tied up.). I bought the purple wig especially for this purpose even before I'd uploaded the first part of the novel, so it was nice to finally use it.

I did Anschke's makeup using black eyeliner as a base and then adding purple and pink pigments on top of it. Some thick falsies and black eyeliner completed the eyes, and I did a grungy, imperfect berry lip (just put on some lip balm and coloured over it with lip liner). Anschke already has strong brows, so I just filled those in with a medium brown. I think it came out nicely. When I do the next shoot with Tanja, I'll take step by step pictures of the makeup and maybe upload a tutorial for you guys.

Anschke brought her own clothes (HOW she moved on the damp grass in those heels befoggs me) and these photos were taken in my backyard, after some heavy rains had delayed our next scheduled lawn-mowing. The longer grass helped with the look of the photos in my opinion.

I'm not in any way a photographer. But recently I've become interested in photography. It helps that we have some cool spots for photos in our backyard, and that my baby cousin is built like a supermodel. It also helps that her sister, Tanja, could think out and direct many of the poses. FYI, Tanja, you need to get some poses thought out for when you come over for a shoot. ^_^

Anyway, I played with some editing and I'm pretty happy with how these images came out. Check this out.

Thank you for posing, cuz!! I had a lot of fun. :) Don't you think she's absolutely stunning? Remember this face, you'll see her on the silver screen one day. Probably as Eva. (Eva? You ask? Click here.)

That's all I have for you today. Maybe I'll make my Friday favourites post all about this year's Oscar glamour. Tune in at the end of the week for that!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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