Monday, 3 March 2014

My Weekend In pictures

Hello beauties!

Welcome to another week and another new month! Woa, 2014 is running away with us. Can't believe we're a quarter way in now... Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend!!

Mine was busy, and even though the pictures are pretty boring, I'm going to share them here. (haha!!)

Obviously, more than half of the pictures will be of Kayla. :P Here's some shots of her on Friday being cute.

She had her 16 week vaccine on Friday afternoon, which sucks completely. She didn't feel too well afterwards and had a slight fever for the rest of the weekend. I hate it when my little girl is feeling down.

I worked on the cover for the second installment of my trilogy, The Song of War. (Set to hit the digital shelves in June this year. Watch this space.) Here's a sneak peak.

I painted my nails on Friday night when I was bored. I didn't have nail polish remover to clean the edges. Sorry. :) (Essence colour and go, number 48 meet me now and 146 that's what i mint)

These pictures of Kayla were taken on Saturday morning, just after she woke up. She smiled at me, but her face became very serious when the camera came out. She's always doing this, making us work for smile photos.

We were in Clearwater Mall for the most of Saturday, which was a wet and dreary day. But we had to go, because my cousin had a birthday party for which we needed to get a gift, and I'm going to a baby shower this weekend for which we needed to get something too. But we also bought new linen for our bedroom!! We still need to replace the curtains and lampshades, but we'll get that sometime soon. This is how it looks now.

Yes, Kayla still sleeps in my room. Some people say we're spoiling her by allowing this, while others say to let her sleep in our room as long as possible. I personally think this is a personal thing that parents have to figure out for themselves. I've been weaning her of sleeping there slowly, by putting her in her crib for the first stretch of her sleep and then bringing her to our room when she wakes up for a feed, and then she stays for rest of the night. I also put her down in her crib for her naps in the day, which helps. I didn't want to just suddenly rip her from us one night and leave her there. This way has been working well and both Kayla and I can adapt to the idea of sleeping in our own rooms slowly. (And even if I'm spoiling her, so what. It's our choice, thank you. :P)

We got her this cute beanie and pants while we were baby-shower-shopping. Wish I could show you the cute things I got for that little pinkfoot here too, but alas, as it's a gift that still needs delivering, I can't. Just take my word for it that it's cute!!

We watched an episode of Wedding Band over hot chocolate on Saturday night. It was mildly entertaining. :P

Sunday was just as cold and wet as Saturday, so we missed church. Because Kayla was still feverish, we didn't want to take her out into the weather. These are pictures of her sitting on the couch in her jamies.

After stopping back in the mall for a gift for my cousin (we couldn't find something on Saturday), we went to my parents' for Sunday lunch. This is how I did my hair. (Just a french braid done diagonally over my head and fastened with some flower clips)

Some pics of some of the foodies. :)

After lunch we went to the party. My cousin Lizelle will be ten tomorrow and we celebrated her birthday. Here are some pictures of the cake and other edibles. (YUM!)

We had a light dinner and just chilled out the rest of Sunday evening. With the cold weather we stayed warm and did nothing else. :D I was on Pinterest, pinning to my steampunk board. I love this following pic!!

And that was that. Speaking of steampunk, I'll be sharing some of Anschke's steampunk photos we took the other day on Wednesday. I know it's Oscar weekend, but I figure you'll have seen all of the Oscar fashion by Wednesday, so I'll be late to the ball if I try to blog about it then. My beauty favourites will be on on Friday, so come have a look then again.

Have a fabulous weekend folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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