Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Karla Mialynne - Amazing Photorealism

Hello beauties!!

We're having a look at an incredibly talented artist on the Couch today. Karla Mialynne is one of the most brilliant photorealists I've ever seen!! Using mostly watercolours, copic markers, pencils and inks, she creates breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art, that will blow you away with its detail.

Here are some examples of her work.

You think you can draw and then this happens... :P This is friggen amazing, don't you think? Stunning! And I love the last one's hair... :) Kudos to the artist for being spectacularly amazing at drawing!!

Now, since it's a public holiday on Friday, there will be no post then, but to keep the public outcry to a minimum (haha!! :D), I'll post my favourites for the week tomorrow. So come back then!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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