Monday, 7 April 2014


Hello beauties!

IT'S AWESOME TO BE BACK!! Omw, having no internets sucks profoundly, I'll have you know. Man, we were unconnected for a week and a half, which was terrible. I'm one of those people who even uses Google as a dictionary when I'm writing, so there was no quick spelling checks, no quick searching for whatever I needed to know right then, and no social media or blogging. #firstworldproblems

Anyway, it seems we're back now, with out line problems hopefully something of the past. Thanks for bearing with me in this time.

So, this weekend, my friend Lizanne came over and we had a punk-over. You know, when you take someone COMPLETELY the opposite of punk (or any punk subculture) and you transform her into a punk rockstar. We had an absolute blast doing this!!

Anschke came over and was my assistant for the day. Shame, she did everything from baby feeding to wardrobe planning (and applying) to taking photos too. She's an amazing assistant with such an eye for detail. You're a rockstar too, cuz!!

My cousin provided the bigger part of the wardrobe, I offered the rest, makeup and photography was my department and I did the editing afterwards in Lightroom (for which I had to create some presets, because no other presets I had did the pink hair justice).

The photos were taken in the park near my house and Lizanne's parents graciously allowed us to take the rest at their (ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWINGLY STUNNING) residence.

I took before photos too, so you can appreciate the transformation even more. Because it was a transformation folks. In a big way.

Don't you just LOVE THAT WIG?!?!?! And the guitar and bass guitar were her brother and husband's respectively, which looked flaming amazing.

Thank you soooo much for this shoot, Lizanne, I had an absolute blast. It took me straight out of my comfort zone, because I've never actually done punk makeup before. Working with all that black made me shudder, I'll admit, but I think it came out cool in the end. Especially with those blue eyes! And when Lizanne said 'black lips', I nearly fainted. But she absolutely rocked it!

You should have seen the looks people gave us in the car. Hilarity, folks, hilarity. People were laughing and pointing and generally freaking out. I think what made it worse was the 'baby on board' sign in the back, and Anschke and me looking all normal-like. Show the punks of the world some love, people, because honestly, they're people too! Just because they wear funky hair and different clothes doesn't mean they're freaks. We need to love more and judge less. Just sayin'.

And with that thought, I'm taking my leave. I'm looking forward to the next shoot!!! :D

Have a fabulous week and see you on Wednesday!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Knowing Lizanne personally, I must admit I would not have recognised her if it were not for the initial photo. Truly an exceptional transformation. Well done!

    1. I agree! If I hadn't done the makeup I probably wouldn't have recognised her either! (: Thank you so much!!

  2. Absolutely brillian!!!! I didn't even recognise my wife. She utterly enjoyed herself! This is a job well done.

    1. Thank you so much, Lorenzo! I had a blast too!! :)