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Recreate that Look - Pink Punk

Hello Beauties!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and welcome back to the Couch!

So last week, I shared some of the photos of Lizanne's shoot with you. Afterwards, I was bombarded with 'wow', 'I want to have a ... shoot!!' and 'how in the...?!?!'. This got me thinking that it may be time to do some simple tutorials for you. But I really don't want to do smokey eyes or bridal tutorials, there are more than enough of those over the interwebs. I want to do something unique.

Which is why I shot this post for you. What I'm going to do is show you how I did Lizanne's punk makeup step by step. I'll tell you what I used and all the tricks I used to create this look! So let's get started.

This pic is a reminder of how the punk makeup looked. I used mostly the same products in my tutorial, but I decided to invert the colours so you can see how this type of look will transfer in other colours.

So here's a pic of what you'll need.

I used the Sleek makeup I-divine palette, Bad Girl. You can see this one has been used A LOT. I also used a blue Essence long lasting eye pencil, in 09 Cool Down. The brushes I used are both from Essence too, their angled gel liner and fluffy blending brushes (I don't know what their official names are).

Then you're going to need any textured fabric. I've done this look before with the bags potatoes or other veggies come in. You can use fishnet stockings, your grandmother's doily or anything you find cool. As long as it's bendable and textured, you can use it. It's preferable that this fabric isn't too hard, because it will be against your face.

You'll additionally need foundation and something to apply it with, powder to set the foundation, your favourite blush and a blush brush, mascara, falsies and rhinestones (if you want). I'm not going to show you how to apply these, because, once again, there are thousands of tutorials on how to apply these things on YouTube.

 Step one.

You want to do this before you apply your foundation, because when you work with any kind of dark colour, there's bound to be fallout which streaks all over your face. So I prefer to apply blacks or other dark colours before the foundation.

I did apply face and eye-makeup primers on Lizanne before doing her makeup, but I skipped this step on myself.

Look straight into a mirror and plot out the lines of where the makeup should go around your eyes. As you can see, I worked in a kind of triangular shape, and I used the eyebrow as a top guide. Try to get the two eyes symmetrical early on, because that's going to make it so much easier later.

I used the colour Obnoxious, which is the third blue from the left in the bottom row of eyeshadows, and the angled brush to do this.
 Step Two.

Using the same colour shadow and the fluffy brush, I completely filled in the areas I marked in step one, including the eyebrows.

I used the angled brush in the corners, just to keep them pointy.

On Lizanne, I used Noir, which is the black shadow (extreme right one in the top row). Because Noir is a completely matte shadow, I mixed both the silvery shadows (Blade and Gun Metal) and LIGHTLY applied these to the bottom of her brows, the inner eye corners and a dab on the centre of her eyelids. This was simply to add some dimension to the shadows, which caught the light nicely in the photos, and gave the look a three dimensional edge, which would have been lost due to the matte finish.
 Step three.

I applied a light wash of BB cream over my face and then went on to the fun part.

This is MUCH easier if someone helps you!!

You're going to take the textured fabric (I used netting with large holes) and stretch it over your face, making sure to HOLD IT TIGHT. If it isn't pulled tightly, the diamond effect will be lost.

I used Noir and the fluffy brush first (just wipe the brush very well before doing this), focussing the most of the colour around the blue makeup and then fading it out as I moved away. I tried to create a kind of angular effect, but that's entirely up to you.

After the black, I lightly went in with the silvers here and there, just for some dimension.
 As you can see, mine wasn't as successful as Lizanne's was, because I couldn't hold the netting tightly enough. It moved as I applied the shadows, causing the area where I placed the most colour to kind of blend together into a black mess, and the pattern to be focussed on the areas my hand was lighter.

This is why I recommend you get someone to help you hold the netting in place while you apply the eyeshadow.

Obviously for Lizanne I used the blue, Obnoxious, and a turquoise shade from another palette to create the scale effect.

Step Four.

Apply eyeliner to the waterline (rims of your eyes) and mascara. DON'T skip the mascara, because whatever colour eyeshadow you're using will cling to your lashes and create a coloured barrier between your lashes and the falsies. So make sure to get those lashes good and mascara'ed!!
 Step Five.

Apply your foundation, making sure not to smear your eye makeup. Get a cotton bud out to cover the areas round the makeup, cleaning any smudges or imperfections as you go along.

Set the foundation with powder and apply your blush very lightly. I wanted this look to be on the pale side, which is why I didn't put too much blush on Lizanne. You can completely skip the blush if you want, but it looks better on photos if there is a slight variation in the colour on your cheeks. (:

Step Six.

Get out your lip balm and put some on!! :) This following process can be very drying.

Line your lips with the colour of your choosing. I used the Essence blue eyeliner here too. Just because it says eyeliner, doesn't mean you can't use it on your lips too!! Just be sure to clean it before sticking it in your eye again. :P (For Lizanne I used a black eyeliner).

Then, using the fluffy brush and the same blue eyeshadow, pack some of the shadow over the lips to set the blue into place. This is the drying part, but it's necessary, because it adds colour intensity and will make the lipcolour very long lasting too.

Step Seven.

Stick on your falsies and rhinestones!!

For Lizanne I used top and bottom lashes, but since I didn't have bottom falsies on hand, I only stuck some on the upper lid. I stuck my fake piercing under the lower lip.

Lizanne had black rhinestones, one below the bottom lip and one just above the arch of her eyebrow, but it got lost in translation due to the wig covering it and the scale-effect makeup.

Then, put on your wig and get ready to par-tay.

* Complete time spent doing this makeup on myself : less than 30 mins.

* Skill level : intermediate (due to sticking the lashes)

* Products needed : basics and stuff around the house. Falsies and rhinestones optional.

And that's it. Easier than you thought, huh?

Now, I need you. Send me any interesting pictures you find on the internet and I'll recreate that look. Or I'll do my best to try!! I'm looking for something out of the ordinary, something you don't see every day. Or if you have suggestions and ideas, let me know too.

Have a fantastic week folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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