Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Photo improvisation at it's best...

Hello beauties!

The other day, my cousins came over. By now you should know what that means... :P

I had a really ethereal, feminine shoot planned for Larissa, who barely ever wears a dress. It was also supposed to be the first shoot in a series I really want to do, converting the four seasons into ladies. She was going to be autumn. I had a blonde wig put aside for her, a leaf-crown was made and I even raked together a box full of fallen leaves for this shoot.

I applied very golden makeup, which looked really soft and, well, golden, and we dressed her. At this point, everything fell apart. Though the wig looked cool, it made her look more like Marilyn Monroe than anything else. The outfit WOULD NOT come together, and something just felt off.

After three and a half hours of trying to make it work, we threw caution to the wind and improvised. Off came the blonde wig and on came a blue one. Off came the lashes and the makeup was revised completely. I added blues and pinks and stuck these foot-long, FABULOUS lashes I bought at China Mall. She had on a white dress, over which we layered a tutu, and then another, and then tied a shiny scarf around her waist.

"I have lights!" I remembered and ran to get those, which we safetypinned under the top tutu. "I have glitter!" I remembered and got that ready for photos. And lastly came the most awesome idea of all. "I HAVE BUBBLES!!"

And so, a very un-autumn-y shoot was born. Here's how it turned out. :)

Of course, I've never shot the glitter-blowing kind of photos before, so this was a learning experience for me. Anschke got a few cool shots though, so the next ones of glitter were taken by my baby cuz.

And then came the bubbles. It is a well known fact that life is better with bubbles!! :D On the second photo, Larissa actually has a bubble on her nose. It made my day to see the joy on her face when we shot this. Sometimes we need to let our inner kid out to play!!

And, as always, the bench in my backyard... We had to improvise on the locations of the photos too, because we'd taken so flaming long with the makeup and clothing. So everything was shot around my house!! Haha!

Thanks again to my cousins for helping with everything from ideas to carrying stuff around, freezing in the cold and bringing fudge. Because, like with bubbles, the world is a better place when I have fudge. :P

Model : Larissa
Makeup : Yolandie
Warderobe : Yolandie, Tanja and Anschke
Photos featured : Yolandie and glitter shots by Anschke
Prop-hauling : Tanja
Editing : Yolandie
Bubble-blowing : Jan
Fudge : Tanja
Baby-sitting by Eugene.

OK, I think that covers all!! Now I need to find a model for my autumn shoot, while the leaves are still falling. Watch this space.

Come back on Friday for my favourites!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Such beautiful models! Can only come forth from a handsome father and a cool mother!
    Great pics!! Thanks Yolandie !!

    1. They are obviously genetically blessed, and their mom is REALLY cool!! :) Larissa looks just like you in some of these pics, auntie K!!

  2. Some great shots, well done :)