Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Song of War

Hello beauties!!

Here's a sneak attack post for you, coz I'm feeling like a ninja. :P Let's call it the release party for my second novel! WOW! Can you believe it's finally here?

If you still don't know what the first part of the trilogy is about, please read this post, where I explain it all in detail. :) From today (1st May 2014) until the 5th of May 2014, book one will be FREE FROM THE AMAZON STORE (click here), so get your hands on a copy soon. The Song of War will be retailing for $3.99 in the US, and you can check your local Amazon store for pricing in your currency. So this deal is basically like a buy one, get one free. :) SO BUY ONE!! Hahaha!!

Now here's a little something to make you even more excited about this :

The Song of War

The second volume of the Evangellion Trilogy
by Yolandie Horak

With the destruction of the Catacombs, those left behind in Crawford are caught in a state of grief. It seems that the rebellion will die with its uncrowned Queen, because surely, there is no way those in the City of Splendours could have survived. Or could they?
Read the stunning sequel to a novel that was called 'An awesome, gripping, sitting on the edge of your seat read.'

I'm asking you really nicely now to go out and buy SOW for your mobile reading device. This is my life's dream folks, and I worked really hard on it. I'm super proud of this book, and everyone who has read it so far were really impressed, saying it's better than EQ. I believe so too.

If you even remotely liked books like Hunger Games or Harry Potter, you'll probably like this too. If you're still uncertain, download and read EQ, as I said, it's free. If you like it, SOW is waiting to be bought and read!! And then next year, the last book will be out!

I'm not posting anything tomorrow, because I'm taking the weekend off. :P (It's really so the cover of my novel will stare you all in the face all weekend long... :D)

Have a good one, folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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