Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello beauties!!

Hope your weekend was awesome!! To all of you who bought and downloaded my books, a massive thank you!! Remember that The Rise of the Exile Queen is still free for today only, so get your hands on a copy now. And please support me by buying The Song of War!!

You know me and photographing my daughter by now. I love taking pictures of her, because she looks so flaming good in photos!! Man, I love that little girl!! So recently, I bought her three brand new tutus. And while they're still too big for her (and I mean they'll probably still fit when she's like 10...) it stayed on well enough for the photos.

I wanted to share my tutu-wearing princess with you today!!



I love this little redhead to bits. You can't imagine how my heart swells with pride for her, folks. I never even dreamed I could enjoy motherhood quite this much, but it's because of my INCREDIBLE little girl. I'm truly, truly blessed.

I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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