Friday, 27 June 2014

June favourites

Hello Beauties!

It's favourites time! So sit back, relax and take a look at these (which, as always, can all be found on my Pinterest, and don't belong to me, except if otherwise stated.).

The song of the month is Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips.

My beauty favourites are these three. The makeup and hair favourites have been featured before, but the nail one hasn't. I think it's beautiful!!

My art favourites are these ones. Incredible! I especially love the first one!!

Top : bullfinch by Semcool.
Bottom : A pirate's life for me by nataliadsw. She also has a really incredible step-by-step on how she made this cutie!

Top : Toh by albertoguerra.
Bottom : Hope by Yuuza.

My favourite photographs of the month are these ones.

This may well be one of the most incredible photos I've seen in my entire life!! It's called 'Morning light reflected in a soap bubble' and it's by Odinodin.

I love the vampirish feel of this next one. Vampire stories by VeroNArt.

These following photos are by Liani. You know, my bestie! Find here at these places : Her blog and LF Photography. She took these the other day while we visited with them. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! (she also did my makeup)

My personal photographs of the month that I adore are these ones (which obviously belong to me :P)

The place I want to visit the most this month is this one.

It's a photo of the Angel Place Birdcages in Sydney, Australia. This incredible photo is by Jason Baker. I feel a scene in a novel coming on when I look at this picture. The wheels in my head are turning so quickly, smoke is coming out of my ears... :)

These following pics are of some pretty cool crafts for the month!!

Some funnies to make you smile.

These are the two shows we've been watching most this month. I'm bummed that Crisis has been canned, but I cannot wait to see who wins Hell's Kitchen. Personally, I'm hoping it's either Joy or Rochelle!!

And then as a final thought, my steampunk image of the month is this one. It's more because of that outfit and pigtails than anything else!!! LOVE IT!!

I don't have a book of the month this month. Let's just say my book of the month is the one I'm writing and leave it at that. You can always go and download this one for free!!

And that's all from my side this week. Have a fantastic weekend folks! I hear it's going to be a cold one in South Africa, so stay warm. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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