Monday, 23 June 2014

My Weekend in Pictures - Bunny parties and fun with friends

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch! I had a pretty busy, but really amazing weekend, and I want to share it with all of you. So sit back and enjoy!

On Friday, Jan had a day off, which was friggen amazing!! We got to spend tons of time together, and just chill out a little.

We did go shopping at some point during the day, when we picked up some birthday gifts for loved ones. We attended Anabelle's first birthday on Saturday, and celebrated my aunt Marie's birthday on Sunday, so you can already tell that it was going to be a hectic one.

After our little shopping trip, we got ready to go to Liani's for a quick visit and some makeup fun. She played around with my makeup for some tutorials on her blog (will let you know when they're up), and then she took some pretty photos of us afterwards.

I'm not sharing any of the photos she took of me for her blog yet, because I want to give her the chance to post that on her blog first. :) But here are some of the family photos and some nice shots of Liamé and Kayla too (can you handle how big they've gotten?!?!)

Thank you for spoiling me, Liani!! Can't wait to see the tutorials! We went on to eat some pizza together, before going home. One funny thing is that both Liani and I were eating pizza while feeding the babies. Wow, how our visits have changed... :P

I took some selfies of the makeup when we got home. (:

And after that I played around with some nail polish, while we watched Hell's Kitchen. I wanted a dry brushed ombre look. It came out looking kind of distressed, but I was too lazy to take it off.

As I said earlier, we were invited to Anabelle's first birthday on Saturday. It took place at a really cool little venue, Jam and Daisies, which is located in Pretoria.

Anabelle's mom, my friend, Simonne, actually planned the whole thing by herself! She's opened a party planning business with her hubby, Martin, so if you're in and around Jozi and need a party planned, you really need to give them a shoutout, because they're flipping brilliant! Have a look at their website here.

The detail and personal touches really made the party special, and the food was incredible! Then we're not even getting to the beautiful decor and great vibe of the restaurant. We loved it!

The party had a bunny theme, and the birthday girl fit right in with that! Here's Anabelle, looking adorable in her bunny-ears and tutu, and her daddy.

The breakfast buffet was really great. Everything was flavoured beautifully and the home-made touches on all of the food made it even better. The sweet corn bread was DELICIOUS!

When we left the party, we went to check in on our friends Rita-Marie and Andre, and we had a really lovely visit with them.

Their garden is so cozy and the weather was so nice, that we relaxed outside. We almost didn't want to go home!! :)

Rita took these photos while I was feeding Kayla, and I stole them for today's post. :)

On our way home, we had this really gorgeous sunset, and with it, sudden cold.

I have a new breakfast favourite these days, and I started Sunday morning with it! My mom-in-law spoilt me with a whole army of grapefruits. I really love my grapefruit, but we've had some cold mornings over the last while, which means I want something warm from breakfast.

I had a look online for ideas on using grapefruits in food, and I came across broiled grapefruit. 'Broiled' is the equivalent of 'grilled' in South Africa (as in, in the oven, with the grill setting), and I never imagined I would love warm grapefruit so much. I'll never eat it cold and 'raw' again! Haha!

It started out with this recipe, but now just sprinkle over some cinnamon and grill it. It's really delicious!!

 We had quick coffee with my parents after lunch. My dad capitalized on holding his granddaughter big time. :)

After we had tea with my parents, all of us continued on to my aunt's house to celebrate her birthday. Another birthday meat more cake and delicious sweets, but heck, who's complaining! :P We'll just have to start that diet again today...

I ended off my Sunday with some time with Jan, writing on novel #3 (which is yet to be named), and a warm shower. I needed it!

Here's to a great week, peeps!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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