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Save or Splurge : Face Essentials

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I was planning on doing a post about mascara wands today, but I'm going to move that one because of this post I wanted to get out today. I was mailed last week from someone wanting to know more about my opinions on buying makeup, after my post about my new makeup case the other day. And then, in close succession to that, a friend of mine wanted some info on fleshing out her makeup collection as well.

So I figured I'd do a series of posts about why you need or don't need a product, exactly what each product does, where you can save when buying makeup, and where it's a good idea to invest and buy something of higher quality. I took some photos of the things in my kit, and I'll be talking about each of them as I go along.

I'm covering primer, foundation and powder today, and will go on to eyeshadows, blushes and liners next.

Please keep in mind that these are only my opinions, and other makeup artists might disagree with me. I've only been doing this as a freelancer for three years, so there are many people out there with more experience than me. But there are some things I've found that work just as well as higher end products, and are a lot less expensive to boot!

Let's get to it.

 * Primers

Look, this isn't an essential for your everyday makeup collection. Most people get along fine without primers, and I personally only use primers when I'm going to special events or somewhere where I'll be photographed a lot.

But this is where the makeup application starts, and it's also a MUST HAVE in your professional kit. I say so because it really does make makeup last longer and stay fresher.

?? What does a primer do ??
+ It serves as an adhesive for makeup to cling to, making it last longer.
+ It fills in any fine lines / pores, creating a flawless and smooth base for foundation.
+ It serves as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, which helps fight against clogged pores and blemishes.
+ Eye makeup primers also cancel out any redness on your eyelids, which causes any colour applied on the lids to be more vibrant and truer.
+ Eye makeup primers also absorb some of the oil of the eyelids, which fights creasing of the eyeshadow.

Save or Splurge verdict?

I've found that the better quality / higher end products work much better than the cheaper ones. A good primer will help anything you apply afterwards to cling better, meaning that you can often get away with less expensive following products. And you use so little product that a tube of primer will last you a very long time.

I use :
Inglot's Under Makeup Base (R300)
Urban Decay's Primer Potion (not available in South Africa)

 * Foundation and Concealer

When it comes to daily makeup, you can easily wear BB or CC creams instead of foundation. For your professional kit, however, I recommend sticking to proper foundations.

BB and CC creams tend to have SPF in them, which means light reflected on camera flashes, creating the ghost effect in photos. It's not a good idea for your blushing bride to look like a corpse on all of her wedding photos. This is why you need foundation and concealer in your kit.

?? What does concealer do ??
+ It covers under-eye circles.
+ It evens out redness (and if you're a woman, no matter your age, you have redness somewhere) and pigmentation.
+ Covers up blemishes and breakouts, or in more sever cases, scarring.

?? What does foundation do ??
+ It generally evens out skintone, which means that it blends out the different zones of your face, making all the skin the same colour.
+ It covers imperfections.
+ Slightly fills fine lines and pores, making you look more youthful.
+ Helps the products that follow adhere better to the skin.

Save or Splurge verdict?

If you have a less blemish-prone skin, or you sleep enough, you probably don't need a concealer for your everyday makeup. It is, however, a must in your pro makeup kit, because somewhere, you're going to makeup someone who needs extra help. I'd recommend using a foundation (or BB / CC) to anyone. It just helps make you look fresher and really does help the rest of the makeup to stick.

But this is one of the products that I recommend spending a little more on. Look, foundation is foundation, that's a fact. But some of the cheaper brands don't last quite as long as the higher end stuff, and are more likely to streak. I've found some drugstore brands that really do last and work pretty well, for example, Maybelline's Fit Me range. This was my go to foundation before I went cruelty free.

Now that I am cruelty free, I use Catrice's Photo Ready foundation. I'm really in love with this drugstore range, they really compare well to more expensive brands.

Some makeup artists swear by MAC's foundation, but I don't like it at all. It does reflect camera flash, I've experienced it myself. Clinique has decent foundations, that are of great quality, but they're not cruelty free. So this is something you need to go and try. Get samples, go to your local makeup counters and ask the advice of the peeps who work there.

I use :
Kryolan's liquid foundations
Kryolan's cake foundations (which serve as excellent concealers)
Annique foundations
Personally : Catrice's Photo Ready (around R100)

* Powder

Whether you use loose (translucent or tinted) or cake powder, you need this one.

?? What does powder do ??
+ Its most important feature is that it sets liquid foundation. This means that it locks the foundation in place.
+ It absorbs sweat during the course of the day, meaning a matte face, not a shiny, oily one.
+ It can be reapplied during the course of the day, as needed against excess oil.
+ Some of the HD powders out there do additional filling of pores, which creates a flawless skin on camera.

Save or Splurge verdict?
It's a draw.

There are some excellent drugstore powders out there, that work perfectly. There are also those that suck. I absolutely hate Essence's translucent powder, because it makes the skin look pasty and it reflects camera flash. Also, you need heaps of product to actually set foundation. Their cake powder, however, is excellent, and I use it every day. It's slightly tinted, so no whiteness for me, thank you. It also lasts long and you don't need excessive amounts of product to get the job done.

Some of the more expensive brands promise features like the one I mentioned above, with the HD powder. They claim it fills pores and makes the skin look better on camera. I've found some products that actually do this. Makeup Forever's HD powder is great, and costs the price for its greatness too. You need a very small amount of product, which means you need to replace it less often on the flipside.

Find something that works for you.

I use :
Two different powders by Kryolan (one clear and one tinted)
Studio Makeup's loose powder
Every day : Essence's cake powder (around R50)

That's all for today. I'll go on about the coloured stuff in the next post, so don't miss that!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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