Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday Review - Essence Colour Flash Mascara

Hello Beauties!

Before we get to the actual post, I've got a spot of good news for you. Remember my online novel? You know, the one about Roxanne and the Storyteller? Well, I've fleshed it out, edited and published it as a free ebook. You can download it here from Lulu, so far. It should be in the ibook and Nook stores soon, and I'm working on getting it free on Amazon too. I'll keep you updated. This one is going to be free forever, so tell your friends about it. :)

Of course, my lovely cousin Anschke is on the cover of the novel. She's going to start a vlog channel soon, so look out for her!!

On to the post today.

I've got another review for you today, which goes hand in hand with a trend you've probably been seeing everywhere. Coloured mascara is back, and bigger than ever. You'd be blind if you missed the fact that just about every brand out there has an array of coloured mascaras out at the moment, from purples to pinks and greens to blues.

This trend started out as a prediction on the runways last year, and now you can finally get your hands on a tube of coloured mascara as easily as breathing. Because chances are, your favourite brand has it.

I bought two shades of Essence's colour flash, the blue is #2 and the purple is #5.

I bought them at Dischem and I paid between R35 and R40 for them. Sorry, I forgot what the exact price was, because at the time I bought them, I only had fantasy shoots on the brain and I don't keep any purchase slips. :)

They come in 9 ml, colour coded tubes and have a volumizing formula. The mascara wand is slightly tapered for volumizing effect. (will do a post on different mascara wands and their purposes next week.)

Here's how they look on :

I actually wore the blue first, on the top and bottom lashes, but in a moment of technological disability, I managed to blur every single photograph I took. Let me just state here that I suck at selfies. Anyway. The next day I tried the purple and I tried the blue again the day after. Let's just say I did it on purpose so you can see different ways to wear it. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

I must also insert here that the purple looks much more vibrant on the photos than it does in real life.

As with all Essence mascara's, it's worth the buck you spend on it. Not only are they affordable, but they're long lasting, flake the bare minimum and really do add volume.

I found that the blue was much more pigmented and I could get away with only two coats, while the purple took some more effort. I applied around 5 or 6 coats of the purple in the end, and I had to make sure to get the lashes at the tip especially for it to show. This may be because my natural lashes are pretty dark, and the purple is a lighter hue than the hair. Which could also mean that because the blue is brighter, you just see it more easily.

If you have lighter lashes (that means all you blondes and redheads out there), please let me know what you think of this!!

Anyway. I've been rubbing at my eyes a lot more than usual, because I'm writing again, so my eyes hurt from the computer screen's glare. And then I have a teething baby, which means I get a lot less sleep than I'd like. I was impressed that these mascaras stayed on in spite of my fidgeting.

All in all, a good product that I'd recommend and buy again. I'm not so crazy about the purple on myself, but I think it could make brown and hazel eyes look incredible. The blue is awesome and I love it.

They come in 5 shades :

From the left : #3 Miss Mary Berry, #5 Miss Lila Deleila, #2 Miss Sue Blue, #4 Miss Louise Turquoise and #1 Miss Early Green-birdy. (Not a fan of the names they chose, but whatever.)

And of course Essence is a cruelty free brand. So that makes it even cooler in my book.

That's my review for today! If you have a product you want me to review, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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