Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hair sculptures

Hello beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch.

Today we're looking at some pretty odd and bizarre hair sculptures by Japanese artist and music video producer, Nagi Noda. These 'hair hats', as she calls her creations, are in the shape of various animals, made of natural hair colours. It's pretty darn incredible how much detail went into creating these, but that doesn't mean you'll see me sporting one on a night out...

Of course you've probably seen Nagi Noda's work before. You'll NEVER guess which celebrity has worn some of the hair hats before... Of course it can be none other than Lady Gaga.

So what do you think?

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals (even hairy ones),


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Different smokey eyes

Hello beauties!

First of all I'd like to say very happy birthday to my father in law!

We're talking about smokey eyes today. It feels to me as if this topic should have been exhausted by now. I've blogged about it a couple of times now (read more here and here), but I still get asked about it.

When someone says smokey eye, this seems to be what pops up in people's minds :

Both of these are, indeed, smokey eyes. Both are also pretty dark, greys and blacks, and that's what gets me. Maybe it's because smoke is grey and black that people seem to believe smokey eyes must be grey and black also. That smokey eyes can never be any other colour than those two.

But that assumption is an incorrect one.

The smokey eye is a blending technique, my friends, not a colour eyeshadow. (Please follow the two links at the beginning of the post for more.)

That's why I've rounded up some prime examples of smokey eyes from all over the interwebs, and I'm sharing them with you today.

I hope this inspires you to smoke out your makeup, but without the greys!!! :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jasmine Thompson - Talent worth noting.

Hello beauties!

I don't know if you've heard of Jasmine Thompson, aka TantrumJas on YouTube. This Londoner is just thirteen years old.

Catch that? SHE'S THIRTEEN! Anyway, when you listen to her sing, you'll understand why I'm making such a fuss over her age.

Not only is her voice absolutely divine, but she sings so effortlessly that it seems as natural to her as breathing. She's such an old soul, and it transmits into her music. Her original songs are brilliant!

And on top of that she plays both the piano and the guitar.

I'm telling you now, the London (and greater UK) music scene is slowly taking over the world. With the recent success of people like Ed Sheeran, Birdy and Nina Nesbitt (also a YouTube muso), they are the people to keep an eye on. And Jasmine Thompson is no different, even at her tender age.

Have a listen to this.

Amazing right?

I was awed the first time I heard this girl sing. I warned you about the musicians from the UK.

Taking. Over. The. World.

And quite frankly, I'm really excited about it. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Monday, 28 July 2014

My weekend in Pictures

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was awesome. We were hit by a sudden gust of freezing weather yesterday, even though our weather services promised us the cold front would miss Jozi. Uhm, ya... right. Anyway, I took some phodies of my weekend for you. It turned out to be slightly less exciting than I'd anticipated, but whatever. ;P

 Jan's grandmother had het 91'st birthday on Friday and I went to visit her with my father in law and Kayla. We had a lovely little visit and grandma Kota loved holding Kayla. :)

 When we got home we had some minor drama which I won't share here. Just know it took a fairly large chunk out of my day and it was unpleasant. And for some reason unbeknownst to me, Kayla was on a sleep-strike.

Which meant lots of games, crying, tickling, crying, crankiness due to lost sleep, crying, and watching Daniel Tiger. Kayla loves Daniel Tiger, which is cool, because I prefer him to Dora the explorer. (You still find me *often* singing 'come on, vamanos, everybody let's go! Come on let's get to it! I know that we can do it!'  It's becoming my go to psych up song. Scary, scary stuff.)

We had Chinese for dinner and we watched the final of Hell's Kitchen.

 After which I unwound by playing some Dragon Age 2. Which I know is a sub-par game in geekverse, but I still enjoy it. It's mindless, the battles are cool and it keeps me excited for DA3 Inquisition, which is coming out end October.

This is my first play through as a mage. I find magic in this game overpowering when compared to the other classes. (OMW, what a geek I am.)

But honestly! Mages kill bosses on all difficulties so much easier than the rogues or warriors! Hoping this will be more balanced in Inquisition.

I started with a fantastic book on Friday night, read until after midnight, and finished it on Saturday morning. People, if you have not yet read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, get it and read it. Now. Get it and read it NOW. Because you're missing some pretty deep and incredible stuff until you do.

Well written, fabulous, believable characters and scenes that will just about wrench your heart from your poor, unsuspecting chest. What am I talking about 'unsuspecting'... Ha! It's a story about cancer suffering teens falling in love. 'Unsuspecting' my ass!

I cried so hard I could barely lift myself out of bed!

But it's friggen amazing, and you HAVE TO READ IT. Free book review, right there.

Anyway. If you have read it and you've seen the movie, please drop me a line and let me know if I should see the film? Because book to screen adaptations are more often than not just a sad rendition of the brilliance that lurks on the pages. And sitting there, watching something you loved to read being mediocrely portrayed on screen? That's the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night. :P

We spent Saturday shopping. That is, after I managed to get my puffy, tear streaked face looking slightly better. The shopping was due to all of the birthday parties, baby showers, kitchen teas and diverse other gift-giving occasions we've been invited to over the course of August. We needed to stock up for those. :)

After shopping we cleaned the house (glamorous, I know), cooked some veggies for baby meals this week (my hands are still slightly pink from the beetroot...) and enjoyed the sunny weather, just chilling with Kayla.

And then there were selfies.

Recently, my daughter has gotten into the habit of grabbing my phone from my hands, and doing things. Since the camera app is just a swipe away, she gets that open quite easily and snaps pictures of herself. Sure, she does this while trying to eat the phone, but that's beside the point. She's also managed to purchase a power-up for Jan on Candy Crush, and send him a message or two on Google Hangouts. With my predictive text on, the messages are actually starting to make sense too!! :D

We had dinner with my in laws on Saturday, of which I sadly forgot to take pictures. I'll do better next time.

Sunday was started off with church, on just about the coldest morning we've had in a while. After that we headed over to my parents' where we had Sunday Lunch. Here are some photos of that. My crazy brother loved posing for the camera.

 I ended my day by reading Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I finished it last night, and I can' wait to start with the second book in the series. What's your faction? I'd probably end up in Amity. That's OK with me. :)

And that's my weekend!

Just a head's up. I'll probably be uploading simpler posts this week, because my grandma had an operation (a knee replacement) and I'm going to be helping her out a little. Which means less time to blog. I'll still do my best to put out great blogs, but if they seem a little rushed, please understand why.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,