Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Liptiful lip plumping tools

Hello beauties!

By now, all of you should know what lip plumpers are.

You don't? Good thing I'm around to tell you about it then!

Usually, lip plumping products will be in some kind of liquid form, which you apply to the lips like any lip balm. These products contain capsicum (the ingredient that adds the burn to chillies), ginger mint, cinnamon and other things that will plump your lips without having to botox.

Basically, they stimulate the blood flow under the skin, causing the blood to rise, which translates as fuller, deeper red lips. In reality, your lips are swelling due to irritation. Bubble? Burst. It's my pleasure.

This is still great news for the girls out there who want fuller lips, but don't want the injections.

A lot of people don't like lip plumpers, however, for whatever reasons. They can be more expensive, and then of course, there's the burn. You know, the one you get from applying known irritants to your sensitive lip skin?

But these days there's a new product on the market.

It's called the Liptiful. It was invented by a 12 year old girl, named Ruth, who wants to promote lip health. Here's what they say on their website :

What can Liptiful be used for?
1. Lip plumping NATURALLY

2. Lip muscle strengthening

3. Lip moisture (chapped lips)

4. Provide healthier looking lips w/ better color

5. Facial muscle weakness issues (Bell’s Palsy recovery, Down Syndrome, weak cheek muscles, Neuromuscular Facial Retraining)

6. Fine lines and wrinkles around and above the mouth

7. Strengthening facial muscles for brass musicians

My favourite beauty guru, Kandee Johnson, made a video review for this product. 

Obviously this wacky invention won't be permanently enhancing your lips. They recommend you start with only twice daily. At least you get to plump your lips minus the irritation other plumpers can cause. And you're toning facial muscles at the same time. But what I wonder is this... If you keep at it long enough, can you actually give yourself a hickey?

What do you think?

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Yolandie, yes capsicum increases blood flow however your comment that "...other things that will plump your lips without having to botox". FYI: Botox paralyzes muscles. My Dear.... anyone who injected Botox into their lips would be in serious trouble. The face would become paralyzed and you would not be able to move your lips and or speak. You probably wouldn't even be able to open your mouth. Before passing out advice, please educate yourself on these things. Not trying to be hurtful...just sayin!

    Dermal Fillers such as Restylane, Sculptra and Voluma are used to plump the lips, not Botox.