Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Product Smackdown : Lipsticks

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch! It's been a while since I did a product smackdown. I don't really know why, because they've been wildly popular in the past. There's no time like the present to fix that, however. :)

Keeping on yesterday's lip topic, I've got three great lipstick shades for you today. The products are all cruelty free, which is an added bonus. Unfortunately I lost the purchase slip, so I can't give you the exact prices I paid for them, but they range from R35 to R70. Let's get to it.

We're looking at (from left to right) Romance (LC553) from LA Girl cosmetics, Blush my Lips (12) from Essence cosmetics and Red my Lips (310) from Catrice cosmetics. I have a swatch of each for you below.

 The deets :

* Romance is a lovely deep berry colour (great for autumn/fall and winter), with a blue undertone. It comes in a black, plastic tube with a clear plastic lid, and is 3.5 grams. It has a velvety finish and applies smoothly. It also smells nice. But that's about all nice I have to say about this product.

This was the least expensive of the three, and it shows.

It smeared right off my lips, the pigment is weak and it has almost no lasting power, even with lip liners, blotting and other tricks to make lipstick stay put. I was very disappointed with that. The colour also bleeds into every fine line it can find, making you look like the veins around your mouth are bursting.

Also, the rounded finish on the product itself doesn't work for me. I much prefer the pointed tip on the other two lipsticks, because it makes precision application so much easier.

I love the colour, but I didn't appreciate it on my teeth. Or on my daughter's forehead. After blotting. Twice.

Colour me unimpressed with this one.

* Blush my Lips is a fabulous hot pink shade with a blue undertone. It comes in a black, plastic tube with a black, plastic lid, and weighs in at 3.8g. I was ready to be disappointed with this product, because I figured it would be just as cheap as the LA Girl one. (This one was priced around R45) Boy, was I wrong.

It applies great, smoothly and easily. It doesn't bleed. It's super pigmented. Of the three it stays the longest, even after meals (with lip liners and after setting it with powder). It even goes beautifully with my skin!! :D I love this one!! I'm going out to buy some more lip colours from Essence!

* Red my Lips is a vibrant red shade with a yellow undertone. Like the Essence lipstick, it comes in a black, plastic tube with a black, plastic lid, and is 3.8g. The colour sticker on this one is misleading, because it shows a deeper, more blue toned red, closer to cherry in my book. But anyway.

This is also a great product. It was the most expensive of the three, and is a pretty nice quality. I was expecting it to perform the best of the three, however, but it didn't. The colour is beautiful and rich, and really pigmented. The product application is smooth and easy, which is great.

But the lasting power pales in comparison to the Essence one. That's really my only complaint with this product, aside from the misleading swatch on the tube. It's a great product, which I would easily recommend and buy again. Besides, Catrice has a much larger colour variety to choose from!!

All in all, three fantastic shades, which I love. Two of the three products stand out though, leaving the last one in the dust. I just wish the LA Girl lipstick was better quality. I'll make a point of finding the same shade in another brand and I'll let you know when I do. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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