Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wednesday Review - NYX Foundation

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch! As promised, I have a review for you today. So sit back and enjoy!

Today we're looking at NYX's liquid foundation, which they claim is 'the best makeup I've ever used'... Yeah. I don't agree with that. I don't like reviewing products I don't like, because I really don't like being overly negative about something. But I do feel that I have to tell you about the products I don't like too. And after a shocking bit of news I read yesterday, I realised that I had to do this review.

Here's how the product looks :

 The deets :

* 30ml Liquid Foundation.
* Plastic packaging with a plastic pump dispenser.
* Spf 15
* Colour : LM 10, True Beige
* Cruelty free? At the time I bought it, yes.
* Price : R99.95 (around $10)

OK. I've been wearing this one every day for just over a month now. I bought it at the end of May, just before my Catrice BB cream was used up. Since NYX is a cruelty free brand and I have tried and liked one or two of their other products, I was curious about their foundation. So I bought it.

Overall, it's probably not a bad product.

The one thing I loved is the packaging. It's sleek, simple and eye catching. I love the lace print! The plastic tube works well for me and I love the pump dispenser, because it's the kind that empties the tube from the bottom up. You know, with that shifty-thingy that pushes the product to the top. (not the squirt kind that leaves all the product in the bottom and you have to think up creative ways of getting it out) :)

The consistency is velvety, it applies easily (though I did find that it applies better with the hands than the beauty blender) and it covers moderately well.

I did have to apply more than once over blemishes. I also found that it rubbed off more easily on my t-zone, but since I travel with a powder foundation everywhere anyway, this wasn't such an annoying problem. It does kind of contradict the 'long lasting' claim they have printed on the bottle...

The colour isn't an exact match to my skin tone. It's closer to my summer colour probably, but I did find that it's slightly too mustardy for my liking. With the rest of my makeup added it wasn't obvious that it wasn't a perfect match though, so I could get past that point too.

The two biggest things that put me off were the smell (which wasn't so great :S) and the flipping SPF. Because, as you can see in the pictures below, when there is no flash photography involved, the foundation looked pretty good. But the moment the flash was on? Boom. Ghost face.

This is me doing Bianca's makeup

This was taken at Anabelle's birthday, and I edited the hell out of this photo to make it look better for that post. :P

I am not a fan of ghost face. At. All.

I won't be buying this one again.

And it's not just because of the news I got yesterday that NYX was bought out by the most notorious animal tester of them all, L'Oreal. Apparently this happened last month, but the news is fairly new to me (and to many other beauty bloggers). So there goes another one. :( NYX themselves probably won't test on animals, just as they used to do. But by buying their products, you will be aiding the worst animal testers in the industry by making their pockets full. It's a choice you have to work out for yourself.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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