Monday, 25 August 2014

The Makeup Experiment

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Have you heard of Brinton Parker's makeup experiments? We're going to have a chat about the first one today. You can read the whole article here on Bustle. But this is the short version.

Brinton is a really pretty 21 year old student of the University of California. Because we live in such an appearance driven era (I mean, selfies much?), she decided that she wanted to see how people would treat her if she went to class wearing different levels of makeup.

On the first day, she wore no makeup, her regular basic makeup on the second, and heavy makeup on the third. She wore these looks to three of her most conversation based classes and she found that people easily commented on her looks throughout the days of the experiment.

Here's what she found.

Overall, people assumed that she was tired and that she'd had a rough weekend. One or two girls commented that they thought she looked nice and that they wished they had the courage to go about bare faced.

Brinton found that she had the most positive responses on this day of the experiment (which is also closest to her usual amount of makeup), but all of the comments were from other girls.

People asked her about the products and methods she'd used to achieve her look, but also told her she looked nice .

On the third day she even went so far as to contour for the first time in her life. :)

The response was that she looked 'fierce', 'ready to party' and her 'makeup is very pretty'. One person asked her if she was going to be in a play due to the heavy makeup, however.

This is what Brinton had to say about her experiment:

Overall, I expected much worse. While I cannot confidently speak about the things unknowingly said about me, the vocal reactions of my peers were all in good spirit. The less flattering comments were made out of concern for my well-being, and the positive comments were definitely encouraging.

Now, I want to know what you think about this. 

From personal experience, I can completely agree with what Brinton found in her experiment. Whenever I don't wear my usual day makeup, people tend to ask if I'd slept too little. And frankly, I do look more tired.

My usual day-to-day look also gets more comments like 'great mascara' and 'love your eyebrows', but when I think about it, it usually is comments given by other women.

When I wear heavier makeup, I get more attention from guys and people will more easily say that my makeup looks good.

Most of my friends wouldn't even leave the house without makeup on! Would you? What have you experienced with different levels of makeup on? Drop me a line!

Also, go read her second experiment here. It takes the findings of this one a step further. Interesting reading!!

And that's that for today's post. Thank you all for keeping to come back over the last couple of weeks. I'm healthy now after my unexpected and super annoying illness. The quality of posts will pick up again from here on out, I promise. And thank you for all your concerned messages. I appreciate it. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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