Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My holiday - Day one at the Drakensberg

Hello beauties!

As promised, we're going to start with my holiday pics today! But before we get into that, I have some stuff to share! First of all, I'm now the proud owner of a second blog! It hails Yolandie Horak and can be found at yolandiehorak.blogspot.com. I'm basically going to share more writing related stuff there. But be a darling and check it out, and don't forget to subscribe!

Then, you may have noticed the pages on this blog look differently now. All that happened was that I added links to my website and new blog with the rest of the tabs, and the 'about animal cruelty' and 'cruelty free brands in SA' pages merged. I figure more people will learn about animal testing in the cosmetics industry this way.

OK. On to the holiday pics!

Our day started at around 7:00 am, which is pretty much normal time. We fed Kayla and were off. These first photos are of Kayla just after breakfast and then one of her on the road.

We arrived at our vacation destination later that afternoon. We stayed at The Berghouse and Cottages, in cottage 8, Phezulu. Phezulu means 'on top' and we were on top of a hill, with an amazing hill. Chantel and Vaughn are truly amazing hosts and we had an awesome time at Berghouse!

And now for some majestic photos of the view from our patio... :D

 Kayla and I sat on the porch, watching daddy take photos. My red hair is totally natural, just like Kayla's. :P

This is the view from our cottage from the road's side. It's a pretty winding dirt road, which just adds to the atmosphere of the place.

We had an early dinner at the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Kayla was like 'whaaat?'...

I had chicken and mushroom pasta, and Jan had pizza.

Back at the cottages, I took some photos of the ponies. There are quite a few of them and they're really tame. Kayla LOVED them!

We went for a late afternoon stroll and took these photos.

We had some visitors on the porch.

It was starting to get chilly, so we decided to light a fire. It was so cosy and warm! I loved it! Wish I had a fireplace in my own home too.

A little later, Kayla got acquainted with her camper cot. This was just too cute to not share.

And that was our first day! Tune in tomorrow for day two, where we went hiking in the Royal Natal Park. Some pretty scenic views met us there!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,