Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Colour pop

Hello Beauties!

Since spring has sprung, I thought we should talk about incorporating some colour in your day to day makeup routine. It's always cool to add a pop of colour to your makeup, even if it's just a little splash here or there. And don't think that you northerners should leave out the colour now that it's getting colder where you are! You can still use it too!

The general rule of thumb is pastels for spring, brights for summer and more subdued, darker colours for autumn and winter. Obviously, you don't have to follow this to the letter, but this is what fashion dictates. :)

Colour is an excellent way to accentuate your eyes and brighten up your look. It's been known to make a tired face seem more alert and youthful too. Brighter lipsticks can even make your teeth seem whiter! So there really are advantages to using colour in your everyday makeup.

Here are some ways to make every day a little brighter. Makeup wise, at least. ;)

* On your waterline.

You apply your normal day-look makeup, but instead of rimming your eyes with brown, black or peach / white, you can use a bright colour. The lighter the colour, the larger and more open your eye will seem, while darker colours will add a more sultry look.

* On your lower lashline.

Basically the same as the above, with the exception that the colour is brought down a little lower. This works well with a nude smokey eye or cut crease, and can be done in a variety of colours to make the eyes pop.

* As or with your eyeliner.

Instead of bringing in the colour on the bottom, add it to the top lid as a liner. You can still add your beloved black (I personally can't go without the black...) to further define your lashes.

This is a fabulous addition to any winged liner. Keep it more graphic for that mod-look, but softly smoke out the colour and keep the black defined for a more romantic look.

* On the inner eye corner.

Just a little splash of colour on the inner eye corner can brighten up any look. Just a word of caution here, if the colour you use is very bright or a little on the darker side, this can create the illusion that your eyes are closer together. A little goes a long way. That's the number one rule of makeup. :)

This is an instant pick me up for tired eyes.

* On the outer eye corner.

Instead of smoking out your look or cutting your crease with a nude / brown, why not use your colour here? It'll work great with any nude or grey eyeshadows and will look beautiful on all eyes.

* Coloured mascara.

Still a pretty big trend, so you can't go wrong with this one. And the bigger the trend gets, the bigger the variety of colours available! (But blue tends to look best on most skins and eye-colours.)

* Winged liner and a bright lip.

This will always be in fashion, so you'll never go wrong with this look. Pair it with a plum or wine coloured lip in the colder seasons and a bright purple, pink or orange in the warmer months, and you'll be a head-turning hit wherever you go.

* As the main colour on the lid.

Be bold and use the colour as the main shade. Blend it out however you choose with a brown or grey. You can even use more than one colour and blend them into one another. Golds, yellows and peaches work well as a blending transition for many other colours!

This look always looks beautiful and unique!!

* Graphically.

Geometric forms is still a big trend in makeup application. Bold, sharp edged liners and shaped eyeshadow is going to be around for the foreseeable future, so embrace it. :) And it's a great way to add a little colour to otherwise nude looks.

And that's all I have for you today! I found all of these images on Pinterest. None of them belong to me. :)

Now go out there and be creative with colour! Don't be afraid of it. Makeup is something to experiment with. Try out different looks and colours, because you're bound to find something that's perfect for you. And if you make mistakes along the way, it's all good. This stuff isn't permanent. :P

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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