Monday, 29 September 2014

My Weekend in Pictures : Almarie and Shaun's Wedding

Hello Beauties!

Missed you while I was away! But the good news is I'm back! :) I hope you had a fabulous weekend and you're starting your week with a spring in your step. I'll be sharing my vacation phodies with you over the course of a few days, because there are so friggen many of them. We had an absolute blast!

Of course I know there's a bunch of you who really just want to see the weekend's wedding pics. And I'm about to deliver. Technically, this post should read My Saturday in Pictures, but who cares anyway? :P

I was in charge of the wedding party's makeup and Jan decided to hang around while I worked, so I have a lot of behind the scenes photos. Have a look.

These first ones are of me at work. I made up the mother of the bride, aunt Annemarie, the maid of honour, Lizenka, the bridesmaid, Luchelle and grandma Machel for the occasion.

Seeing that I always get asked what I wear to weddings in terms of makeup, I figured I'd share that here. I washed a cream shadow over the entire lid and worked a taupe colour into the crease before I applied the shadow onto my lid. I went for a soft medium grey smokey eye, with a pop of gold shadow on the inner corners. Black liner and natural looking falsies completed the eyes. I wore a rosy pink lipgloss over a rose lipstain and pink blush. I filled in my eyebrows with a dark reddish brown shadow. Obviously, I did all of this after I concealed, applied foundation and powdered to set it. It's the first step in doing makeup, you know!! :)

While I was working, Jan went ahead an took some photos of the venue (Accolades Boutique Venue) and the reception hall. Our table was 'adore' and the main table was 'family'. Some of the older guests sat at 'wisdom' :P Very cool!

Finally, it was time to makeup the bride. Almarie was the calmest bride I've ever seen. Even before the copious amounts of champagne. :P Because I've made her up a few times in the past, I knew exactly what she wanted. It may have been the quickest bridal makeup I've ever done! Haha! Here she is before :

And these are after :

Jan took these cool photos while I was spraying on the makeup setting spray. The clouds you see are of the spray, blowing in the breeze. I get so poetic sometimes. :)

Almarie's brother and sister in law, Andre and Elsje, joined us at this point, with their adorable baby girl, Nelshia. Those blue eyes are almost too much for my heart to handle!!

Out of respect for the photographers and other guests, we didn't want to take flash photography during the sermon. But Jan couldn't resist a photo of the kiss!

And then came the confetti throwing. :) I love the newlyweds' expressions in these pics!

The speeches at the reception were really funny and the guys had us in stitches with their stories and tall tales.

Shaun's speech was very heartfelt and had many of the guests close to tears. Who knew mr. Santana was such a softie!

Finally, I have some photos Jan took of the table. The first one is a closeup of a glass of wine. My hubby, the photographer! :D

And that's all I have for today! Starting tomorrow, you'll get to see my holiday photos. I know you're all biting your nails with excitement and expectation.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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