Monday, 15 September 2014

My weekend in Pictures - Novels Everywhere!

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to the Couch! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. I didn't actually photograph everything we did this weekend. We ate a lot of meals with a lot of people, including one of Jan's oldest friends, who's relocating to Chicago. Cheers and all of the best, Christo and Misha!

We spent a lot of time in shopping malls doing grocery shopping, last minute buys for our week away and (still) bed shopping. But we found one we like at last! So soon, this author / blogger will (hopefully) be sleeping a lot sounder. :D

I wrote A LOT. We watched some TV, played some games and browsed the interwebs, along with some less glamorous domestic things, like cleaning and the dishes.

To save you from boredom, I didn't photograph all of these steps. But I do find that if I don't upload these weekend-in-pictures blogs, people get slightly upset. I've deduced that it's less about my antics and more because people want the cuteness overload that is my daughter. So, I've included many photos of her.

AND you're getting a bonus day. Ayup, Thursday is included in this instalment of WIP, because something cool happened then. On to it then!

On Thursday my friend Lizanne came over, because she wanted me to do her makeup and take a corporate photo or two. Little did I know she'd been conniving behind my back. :) There's a long story behind this, which I won't get into now. But I'll tell you this. She contacted Klaire de Lys, whom I love, and Klaire sent me a signed copy of her book, Outsider!!

I'm still ecstatic about this! I'll do a book review as soon as I'm done reading, but it's really good so far.

Another awesome thing happened on Thursday! Our friends Rita-Mari and André got engaged! We're so happy for you guys and we wish you every happiness, ounce of love and blessing on your journey!!

I wrote quite a bit on Friday, along with doing some of my house-cleaning duties and random stuff. As always, I spent a great amount of time with Kayla, who was being super adorable! Here's some of the cuteness that went down.

I was surprised by the early arrival of my first shipment of novels, WHICH IS SUPER EXCITING!! Woohoo!! The Song of War arrived first, and then some hours later, The Rise of the Exile Queen followed. My father in law was ready with the camera for both of these arrivals. Let me tell you, holding your own novel in your hands is an amazing feeling. And for me that was true times two. :) (Coz, you know, both novels came... Lame? Sorry.)

Excuse the bad hair and t-shirt.

As I said, lots of food, malls and running around happened on Saturday. I don't have pictures of all of this, but I do have pictures of Kayla being happy after dinner was done. She'd just finished eating and still had some sweet potato on her face, but the pose was so sweet, I couldn't ignore it.

On Sunday, amongst other things, this cutie came to visit.

Franco and Liani stopped over, which meant a quick visit between Kayla and Liamé, who's getting sweeter by the day. Unfortunately, a lot of my photos of this didn't come out too cool. Once again, I apologise for sucking!

And then, of course, I had to share some photos of me with my novels. Please support me by getting a copy, maybe? Pretty please with sugar on top? :) As it's easier and all the store links are on one page on my website, please check out where you can get a copy of EQ here and SOW here.


See! It's Liani on the cover AND NOT ME!! :P

Did I mention I'm on Goodreads now? For some reason EQ has two pages, but you can have a look and see more reviews for that here and here. SOW can be found here. Please do me a favour and rate it if you read and liked it? Also, please like the novels on Facebook (my FB page is here) and share with your friends too!

I'm really thankful for your support!

And that's all I've got for you today.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Love the photos of you/me on the cover hahaha. Love xxx

    1. Haha! Maybe an idea for my next project. :P Mwah