Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Undercover Colors

Hello beauties!

You've probably seen this by now, because it's all over the internet at the moment. But it's still such an incredible initiative, that I can't not blog about it. The background of it is this; four students (men, I should put in here) from North Carolina have developed a new kind of nail polish that picks up some of the most common date rape drugs when submerged inside a woman's drink.

The polish will change colour when it detects these culprits that are used in date rapes, like roofies (Rohypnol), GHB and Xanax.

It's called Undercover Colors and you really should support them. Check out their website here.

There's this general idea that drink spiking only happens at clubs, house parties or bars. Unfortunately, that isn't true. It can happen anywhere. I actually know a few people who have been the victims of spiked drinks (one of them was drinking coffee in a coffeeshop... She just went to the bathroom and came back to her latte to find it spiked). Some of them, thankfully, could get away without anything other than the drugging happening to them. But sadly, I know of too many who have been victims of the atrocities that follows the drugging. In our society, rape is all too real. And it should be battled more intensively than it is at the moment!!!

So kudos to the four guys who are trying to do their part to make the world a safer place!

Now, the sad thing is that at first, people were really positive about this polish. But then the negativity started coming in too. And that from feminist and anti-woman abuse organisations! They claim that this will make victim blaming all the more popular, because people will be able to say that because she didn't wear the polish, she got raped. That's kind of sick in my opinion.

Apparently that still happens.

These people also say that young men should be educated about rape and that the problem should be eradicated from them. I live in a country riddled with HIV and AIDS. There have been many campaigns to educate the youth about safe sex, in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease. Do you see the statistics of infection decline? No. AIDS still spreads daily and just in the same way, you won't completely rid the world of rapists by talking about it. Education isn't always the answer, because often (not always, I'm really not generalising or stereotyping) the educated ones aren't the problem.

By spreading cosmetics and other inventions that actually impower women I think something real is being done about a problem that cannot be talked away. So please, share this with your friends. Let everyone know that there are ways to protect themselves.

And for goodness sake, NEVER blame a woman, girl or child if she's been sexually offended. It's not her fault! It's wrong and sick to blame her for something she didn't want, and all she needs is your love and support.

It's that simple.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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