Friday, 3 October 2014

My holiday - Part two in Durban

Hello Beauties!

So you saw my daughter and grandmother meet for the first time in yesterday's post. But that wasn't the end of our day's activities! After seeing my gran, we went on to the Durban Botanic Gardens. We took some pretty cool photos! Have a look.

Kayla was so excited by the ducks, she decided to wave. :) She recently discovered waving. She does this to say both hello and goodbye, when she's happy and when she's annoyed, when she likes the music, when she's excited (which is A LOT) and to display a whole variety of other emotions.

My hair. It looks strangely curly, you may notice. You see, it's like those magical wash-cloths you buy at the supermarket. Add water and it's instantly bigger. :) My hair is like that. Any kind of humidity and it's instantly curly. I rocked a 'fro for the entire time we were in Durban. My sunglasses were almost glued to the top of my head to try and keep my mane tamed. And no amount of product can keep it tidy. Believe me, I've tried. This is where I miss my ponytail.

We had lunch at the tea garden, where we discovered that Kayla can drink through a straw. #babysfirst. :)

I mean, honestly, can this kid be any cuter? The answer is no. She's at cute level AWESOME. And I am in no way biased. :P

After lunch, we continued our stroll through the gardens. They have this one specific area, which is just filled with orchids. Absolutely beautiful.

We had dinner at Nino's that evening. We'd never been there before this time, so we didn't know what to expect. Jan got these meal vouchers to eat there at a bargain price and we decided to try them out. Cheap, I know. :P

Dinner was OK. The service was really great, and while the meal didn't have the WOW factor, it was edible. We probably won't go back to Nino's anytime soon.

This next day turned out to be the last day of our vacation. While Kayla's smiling and happy in these photos, her good mood took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost. Teething is an ugly thing, let me tell you. It was so bad, that we decided to come home a day early. But before we get to that, here are some photos of going to the beach on Wednesday morning.

After some sun and surf, we went to pick up my grandma and the family had lunch together. It was braai day (braai is bbq in Afrikaans), so the ribs and other meat went on the grill and we had an awesome meal. I don't have photos of this, sorry. :)

Kayla and cousin Narise had a blast together!

As I mentioned above, Kayla got really sick with teeth during the course of Wednesday. I'd had no sleep with her that night and we were exhausted. So we decided to go home a day early, in case she needed to see a doctor. You know, first time parents always worry that the worst is happening.

This is Kayla sitting by the last stuff that needed to be packed in the car. As you can see, she wasn't the happiest camper.

We gave her some meds for the pain and started our journey home. She slept the most of the six hour journey, which meant that we made really good time. This photo was taken on one of the rare occasions she was awake and looking semi-alert. :)

We arrived home safely and Kayla slept really well that night. We started to realise that her bad mood was due to the overwhelming heat and humidity in Durban, along with her broken routine. A day home and she was her old self again, with no new teeth to show. Just goes to show. Babies have moods. :)

It's good to be home though. It was incredible to get away and I'm super thankful that we could go. It's just another blessing in my life! But I have to honestly say that I'm even more tired now than I was before we went on holiday. :P I need a holiday!!

Ironically, I'm off to Kimberly today... Tranquility, wherefore hath thee left me?

And that's all I have for you this week! Have a fantastic weekend, folks, and see you again on Monday!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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