Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My Travel Makeup Essentials

Hello Beauties!

I hope your mid-week is going great.

Something people always ask is how much makeup is too much to travel with. Because, let's face it, there will be more photos of you while you're on holiday somewhere than in your day to day life, except maybe if you're a professional model. And I know I always want to look good in photos. I don't travel without makeup, ever.


There is a point where taking every makeup item you own is slightly overdoing it. You only need the bare basics and I'm here to show you what I consider to be basic necessities in your travelling makeup bag. You're welcome. :)

This is what I took along on holiday :

My skin's been in really great shape since my pregnancy, which is awesome. So for the past year or so, I've been able to get away with lighter foundation. I took my Catrice BB Cream (in 030 Sand beige) and their pressed translucent powder for my face. I failed to picture a small concealer stick, which I threw in at the last minute, but never ended up using.

I took Catrice's Defining blush in 020 Rose Royce. It's a pretty, vibrant pink that can be layered easily for intensity.

I took my Sleek iDivine palette, Oh So Special. Still the best travel palette I know of.

A delicious smelling lipgloss will always go a long way. I like the Essence glossy lipbalms for two reasons : 1.) Not so sticky. 2.) Priced really well!!

Lastly, I threw in my trusty Essence mascara. I chose a waterproof mascara because I knew I was going to a much more humid climate than I'm used to at home. I hate spider's legs on my eye banks, and mascara tends to smudge off in more humid conditions. The waterproof variations will always combat this problem!

Things to consider : All of these items are compact enough to fit into my Hello Kitty pencil bag, which doubles as my makeup bag when travelling. They would also fit into your handbag, which means they take up very little space.

These items all have tightly closing packaging. There's nothing worse than a broken makeup making a mess over your vacation-wear.

Pick something with multiple uses. The eyeshadow palette could actually double as blush too, with the pink shades perfect for cheeks. The dark brown was great for my eyebrows, which is a bonus, because I didn't need to take an eyebrow colour too. And the black eyeshadow is the blackest shadow I've ever come across, which is perfect for eyeliner. The shades in the palette offer a massive variety of looks, with the perfect balance between shimmery and matte shadows.

In terms of brushes, I took only the seven pictured above, along with my UBU beauty blender. From the left :

UBU Beauty blender. (For applying foundation and concealer.)
BYS Cosmetics Kabuki brush (I use this for powder. It's the perfect tool for perfectly blending foundation and powder, as well as blending the product into the skin. I love this brush!!)
UBU angled cheek brush (For blush)
Essence powder brush (I use this one to sweep a single colour over my whole eyelid, from brow to lashes. It's unconventional, but I've been doing it for ages. :D )
UBU angled liner (I use this one to fill in my eyebrows.)
Essence angled liner (This is THE PERFECT brush for eyeliner. I promise you, you won't get a finer line with anything else.)
Essence blending brush. (For smoking out eyeshadow and for all kinds of eyeshadow application. Versatile, versatile, versatile.)
UBU concealer brush. (I use this brush to apply eyeshadow over my eyelid.)

All of these are brushes I use on a daily basis and I can swear by each one.

Why I chose these brushes :

They are all shorter brushes, which means they fit into smaller bags. They clean really easily, which is great for travel. They're inexpensive, so should I lose one on my vacation, it's not a brand name brush I paid a fortune for. They're all easily findable in any local drugstore! So, if I really lost one, I could easily replace it.

As an added bonus, all of the products pictured here today are cruelty free. For the win, folks!

If you would like to see a breakdown of my go-to vacation makeup, please let me know! I'll see what I can do to share it. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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