Monday, 6 October 2014

My Weekend in Pictures - Family, fun and first meetings

Hello Beauties!

Thank you all for the compliments on my holiday pictures! We had an absolute blast and I'm really glad I could share the memories with you. We made some more memories over this weekend. In the last two weeks, Kayla has officially met all of her great grandparents!

You see, Jan's grandad has pretty bad Alzheimers. Due to this and the fact that he lives in Kimberly (which is a five hour drive from us), we haven't been able to see him that often. We wanted to be sure that Kayla met her all great grandparents at least once in her life, and this weekend, we made that happen. Grandma Machel had come to Jozi for Almarie and Shaun's wedding and needed to return home. So we offered to take her.

We left early on Friday morning and took on the long road to the Northern Cape. We arrived in the late afternoon and went to see grampa Willem for the first time. He had no idea who we were, but he's always loved children and, in spite of his illness, he still does. He figured that this baby must be related to him somehow. At one point, he thought she was Almarie. After spending some hours with us, he had a moment of clarity and realised who we were and that she was his great-granddaughter. It was an awesome moment when I could tell him he was the great-grandfather of not only Kayla, but of Nelshia as well. The smile on his face was brilliant.

And then he forgot again.

But at least we got some great photos along with our memories. We can send him the pics too, and maybe, just in a moment, he might be able to tap great joy from them. I'm getting all teary eyed now, so I'll just shut up and post the photos.

In these following photos, grampa has some salve on his cheek, because we assume he accidentally scratched himself.

There was a massive international skateboarding contest in Kimberly (the Diamond cup) over the weekend and the opening ceremony was Friday night. We were close enough to enjoy the show from grandma's appartment in the old age home. Yup, we rocked out with the old folk!

Before we took the long drive home on Saturday morning, we had some breakfast with grandma and got some cute shots of her and Kayla playing with the whisk. The things grannies and babies get up to... :)

I got some nice photos of the setting sun colouring the roses' in my backyard's edges yellow. We got home in the late afternoon, after some roadworks delaying us somewhat.

We had a braai (barbeque) with my in laws on Saturday night. Kayla's been infatuated with light recently. She knows the position of every light switch in our house, my parents' and in laws' houses and loves putting the lights on and off. So you can imagine, she freaks out about fire. She can sit and staring at the flames for incredibly long periods of time. (Supervised and in someone's arms, of course.) My father in law showed her the flames in the last pic.

On Sunday we had lunch at my aunt Wilna's house with my uncle, aunts, mom, gran and cousins. We had all kinds of veggies and salads as well as really delicious chicken and deserts. I learned some elastic loom-braiding techniques from my cousins and we just chilled out together. It was good to see them all again! Here are the photos :

My aunt has some pretty cool decor in her house and Jan had some fun photographing it. Give that man a camera and he'll make even ordinary stuff look awesome!!

And that, my friends, is my WIP. :) Tune in again tomorrow for something cool!

I hope you have a fabulous week and that you'll pop in every weekday!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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