Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stop and smell the flowers

Hello Beauties!

These days, I'm obsessed with photography. You know, aside from taking photos of my daughter. :) I've been practicing a lot on flowers, because it's an easy and rewarding thing to take pictures of. I've been wanting to share some photos of these flowers with you and the perfect opportunity arose today. Why? Well, the post I had planned turned out to be less than perfect. Ironically, all of the photos I took were out of focus. Go figure. I'll have to redo it before I can upload.


Check out my work!!

All of these are from our garden. The sweet peas are glorious at the moment! I LOVE SWEET PEAS!! And if the wind is just right, the aroma of them carries right into my house. OMW, folks, it's fabulous. :)

Please keep in mind that I'm just an rookie photographer, so please don't give me too much slack for noise and imperfections. :) All of these were taken with a Canon 500D, some with the kit lens (18-55 mm) and some with the 100mm macro lens. Except for some minor brightness adjustments on some of the photos, they are unedited (and then obviously resizing for upload and adding my logo).

I'm super excited about these, some more than others. That ant photo took me about a hundred tries before I got one in focus. OK, not a hundred, but around fifteen. :P You know what I mean!

Have an awesome day folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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