Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Feminine in a Dress

Hello Beauties!

This post is going to be a little different than the other ones. :)

Realising you're in a rut isn't easy. But I found myself in that exact position. You see, when it comes to fashion, I'm always the one in the black or grey shirt, paired with sneakers and jeans. This has been my style for a long time. Sure, I go through phases where I'll pair the black or grey shirt with a maxi skirt and sometimes I'll choose black pumps over the sneakers, but you get the general idea.

Colour almost doesn't exist in my closet, except for a few winter knits and some bright t-shirts I tend to wear either under the winter knits or under black or grey (see the trend?) hoodies. The black thing has nothing to do with being depressed or falling into some or another sub-culture. I just look better in darker colours in my opinion. And because I BELIEVE I look better in darker colours, I feel better in them and I'm therefore more confident wearing them.

But recently, I've realised that I need a change. I'm in no way a fashionista or a trendsetter. I just tend to check out the trends that are hot at whatever time, decide what I like about them and wear them with my black shirts. :P But I knew I needed to try something different than what I usually do and, let me tell you, the change came with a shocking amount of compliments. And it was as simple as buying a dress.

Before buying the dress, people didn't realise that I'd been losing weight. My newer, more slim figure (even if it's far from where I'd ideally want it) had been hiding under looser tops and the same old, tired jeans. I saw the dress in a shop and took two sizes too big off the rail to fit, because I was convinced it would look crap. I texted a photo of me wearing it to both Liani and my mom, because I was so uncertain about it. When they both told me to go for it, I did.

I've never owned anything like this in my life, because even when I was at my goal weight, I always believed I wasn't thin enough to wear dresses. I tell you, we women are our own worst enemies. People's reactions to my new look ranged from incredulous to stunned, but the feedback I got was positive. This led to me realising that I needed to change my look, even if I still prefer the dark colours, I really feel much more confident in dresses and more feminine clothing.

Which is why I want to dare you to change your look! Be a little more daring and try something you never would have before. Even if it's just a different cut jean or a brighter colour top. It's an incredible feeling to see yourself change. Embrace the feminine side!

And to help you, I've rounded up some dresses from online stores to get you started. You're welcome. :)

If you see me walking down the street (likely in a dress nowadays :P), wave and say hi! 

Tune back in tomorrow for another post.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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