Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Gifts for Girly Girls

Hi Beauties!

For more pictures from the weekend's Christmas lunch, head over to the bestie's blog. Liani took beautiful photos of it!

I'm starting with a series today, in which I'll be sharing some ideas for Christmas gifts with you. It's nearing the end of November now, so you need to get your shop on if you want to get everything bought and wrapped before the Christmas rush.

Now you've read the title of today's blog and I know you smiled knowingly to yourself. We all know this girl. She's kind of extravagant. Absolutely loves all things that glitter. In fact, the shinier, the better. She adores bows and frills and cute things. Probably loves pink and purple. Heels. Sparkly jewellery. She's a good and adventurous cook.

You have her pictured yet? Good. Let's buy her a gift!

Cute enough? :) All of these images via Google and Pinterest. None of them belong to me. :)

Tomorrow, we're looking at gift ideas for beauty lovers and on Thursday for quirky girls / female geeks. :) So be sure to come back for that!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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