Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Good Lookin' Blog

Hello Beauties!

By now, you've seen a lot of my good lookin' friend, Rita-Mari. But what you probably haven't seen is her awesome and, well, good lookin' work. And I'm not saying what I'm about to say because this fabulous lady is one of my closest friends. Every word about her is true.

You see, she's a freelance film maker, dabbler in various forms of art and illustration, as well as a freelance photographer.

To sum it all up, she's a creative. And a friggen awesome one at that.

She's also recently started blogging, over at goodlookinblog.com. Folks, it's a really cool blog. Rita has got such laid back writing style, which is easy to read and makes you feel like you almost know her. Of course, I DO know her, but if I didn't I'd think I did. :P

Paired with really good taste and amazing style (of which I am so jealous), you can be sure to see some pretty great posts over on her blog. So far, she's written about everything from kitchen decor and simple recipes, to awesome art exhibitions and indie films and documentaries, as well as some topics in between.

The content is so interesting, that even if you don't normally read about the topic, you get pulled in and want to continue to the end of the post.

Her own art is amazing! Her attention to detail is brilliant and you'll find yourself staring at the piece just to discover new things while you do. (Check out more over on her Behance profile, where you'll also find videos and ads she's worked on, and follow her there too! Also, all images are copyrighted to her.)

These following ones are of the painting Rita did for Kayla's birthday. She chose the chocolate ice cream because it's Kayla's favourite at the moment.

At the moment, I'm working with Rita to get book trailers made for the Evangellion Trilogy (you don't know what that is? GASP. SHOCK. HORROR.Where in the world have you been? I just wrote that trilogy! Haha! More here.) I'll share these with you as soon as we've finished them.

Be a dear and support her blog! You'll love it. Also, go over to her facebook page and like. I promise you, she'll steal your heart!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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