Thursday, 6 November 2014

Happy Movember!

Hello Beauties!

Now, I know what you're thinking. I've got a little fuzz above my upper lip and this month, that's OK. You see, it's Movember (This link goes to the South African Movember site. Please check out your country's Movember initiative and get involved)!

Look at me, sporting the Dali! :D

This month, we can all get on board and support Movember. "What the heck?" you ask. What rock have you been under?! Movember is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancer. It's to get men to be examined, so that these cancers can be picked up early enough to stop. And as the women in their lives, we play a role too.

Think about it. Most men don't talk about their health issues, especially when it concerns the 'little man'. They don't huddle together discussing their last trip to the 'down under doctor' like we girls tend to do. No subject is taboo in our circles, while they just don't go there. I've heard stories of men who found lumps in their nether regions and just did nothing, because they were scared, ashamed or afraid of not being 'manly' enough.

This is why we need to support our guys and get them so far as to be checked out. Cancer is cancer, folks, no matter where it originates. Even a small lump needs to be looked at by a professional. If we actually got our guys to go see doctors about these things, maybe he stigma around it could be broken.


So get with the program. Get involved here.

And grow a 'stache. Even if it's just a eyeliner one. :D If you need inspiration on a style, I did a post on beards, but moustaches are featured too! You can also have a look at these ones.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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